Don’t Let One Failed Relationship Derail You From Finding Love Again

Read closely – life is a series of events. They might make us happy, sad, or heartbroken. But, it’s not permanent. So, how can one traumatic event shake you to the core so badly that you feel unable to move on?

Some people may have experienced something terrible in their lives such as a breakup or divorce that they never really recovered from. They may get depressed for years, and come to believe that they’ll never try to date or talk to a potential partner again. They tell themselves that flirting with someone new isn't working, and they are quick to get down on themselves, especially in regards to relationships.

Individuals may open up emotionally about themselves just once or twice. And if something goes wrong, they could decide to not talk about themselves and stay distant for the rest of their lives. They vow that they’ll never present themselves as a vulnerable person, and all of this happened because of one single event. It seems like one incident or relationship has the power to determine how we will spend the rest of our lives. It's true that one unfortunate event can cause a major setback in your life, sometimes setting you back for days, weeks or even months. But, it's not as bad as you may think.

Our lives don’t consist of only one event. We face dozens of events all the time. We fall; we get up and move on. We fall again, we repeat it. Those of you who allow yourself to become mortified with one incident, will go into the state of “gloom”. You may shut down and tell the world that you aren’t worthy of love or a relationship. You don’t risk anything, just to protect yourself from facing another setback. One setback and you’re done with your life. This is no way to live life. Remember, you’ll always have to face some sort of challenge.

Sometimes, life doesn’t go the way we planned. Those who struggle to cope, might get consumed, while those who are strong stay resilient and persevere.

People think if they shut down emotionally then nobody will hurt them. Well, if you decide to remain emotionally unavailable, it will be extremely difficult to share a real connection with someone. So, it’s time you let go of your fear, embrace your vulnerability and set aside that single event that’s keeping you from moving forward. Be assured that you’ll feel alive and eventually find love.

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