Don’t Let Self-Improvement Stop You From Finding Love

Humans have always desired to be better. If you’re trying online dating for the first time, you may ask when should your upload your online profile photo and declare to the world that you’re single and awesome. Often, this happens mostly when you’re unsure when you feel and look the best. You keep wondering should I wait until I lose some weight, get rid of acne or dark circles my eyes, or change my hair style or color, or even earn more money and so on.

We agree that it can be pretty uncomfortable to put up an online profile at the time when you’re on a journey of self-improvement. Maybe you’ll think if I lose 10 pounds or make some more money, and then put up my profile, I might be more attractive to people. However, don’t let your quest for perfection ruin your love life. Here are three tips that will help to make the most of you, even if you’re trying to improve yourself.

1. Recognize life’s up and downs and all major transitions

We aren’t perfect. Our bodies aren’t flawless. Sometimes we get a little chubby, or sometimes we look great in white tops. So, planning a detox or turning to a vegetarian diet next week isn’t a good excuse to not look for a date. However, if you’re planning for major physical change, say signing up for a nose job or weight-loss surgery, which will dramatically change the way to look, then it make sense if you hold off until you’ve fully recovered and fit. Holding off dating can also practical if you just broken up with someone or got fired and looking for work, or thinking of moving to a new city or town.

2. Embrace your imperfections

Often people say that it’s our imperfections that make people love us. It means being comfortable with our flaws. It’s our flaws that make you – you. So, take pride in your receding hairline or saggy arms. Besides, exposing one’s insecurities and vulnerabilities is the quick way to connect with someone. The key thing here is how you present your vulnerabilities. For example, if your date asks if you want to have a chocolate soufflé, you can honestly reply by saying that you’re trying it lose some weight, so you fit in your favorite summer dress. Another situation your date would empathize with you is careers. If your date asks what do you do for a living – tell that you’re still switching jobs, but don’t want to wait to meet someone special.

3. Be proud that they loved before the “new” you
If you’re determined to make some radical self-improvements in your life and managed to achieve some of your goals, then it’s really comforting to know that your match was attracted to you before when you weren’t as improved. This proves one thing. It tells us; in general, most people will love us, no matter how we look, and how wonderful we think we could be.

Our lives aren’t constant. We constantly seek perfection and improving ourselves. So, don’t allow your self-improvement regimen to stop you from finding love because it won’t end.

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