Don’t Listen To This!: 30 Terrible Relationship Tips

terrible relationship advice

When it comes to dating and relationships, we all need some help. Many of us turn to family or friends for advice, but sometimes their advice isn't the best thing. There are some “words of wisdom” that can actually lead you astray and ruin your relationship in the long run! Check out thirty terrible relationship tips you should never follow:

  1. Let Them Make the First Move
  2. Living Together Is A Great Way to Test The Waters for The Future
  3. Play Hard to Get
  4. Never Go To Bed Angry
  5. Forgive and Forget
  6. Age Is Just a Number
  7. Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket
  8. Look For A Partner Who Loves All Your Hobbies
  9. If You Fall Out of Love, You Should Get Divorced
  10. Your Appearance Doesn’t Matter as Much Once You’re Married
  11. Opposites Attract
  12. Get Hitched in Your 20s for A Long, Happy Marriage
  13. Time Heals All Wounds
  14. Your Perfect Match Is Out There
  15. He/She Can Change
  16. If You’re Not the Breadwinner, Be Cautious About Spending Money
  17. Each Partner Should Do Their Fair Share
  18. The Guy Should Always Pay
  19. Give It Time, He’ll Propose Eventually
  20. The Secret to a Happy Marriage Is Compromise
  21. A Comfortable Life Is Worth a Lackluster Relationship
  22. Children Will Save Your Relationship
  23. A Woman Who Earns More Can Be Threatening to a Male Partner
  24. Leave The Past Behind You
  25. Cheating Means Your Relationship Is Over
  26. If You Don’t Like Them on the First Date, Give Them Another Chance
  27. The Person Who Earns the Most Should Always Pick Up the Tab
  28. If They Can’t Handle You at Your Worst, They Don’t Deserve Your Best
  29. Soulmates Exist
  30. Love Hurts

bad dating advice

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