Don’t Be Upset When His Ex is Prettier Than You

Hate it or live it – we live in a world obsessed with beauty. If you’re dating someone seriously and at the same time learned that his ex was much prettier than you, it can make you feel insecure and pretty low. It’s true that attractive people aren’t much happier or successful that the rest. Looks fade over time, and yet, appearance still matters, especially the younger you are.

We know that its sucks that his former partner is more attractive than you, but the question is what you will do with this information? Here are some helpful tips.

Remember that he ended his relationship with his ex for a reason

It’s true that his ex-was gorgeous, but her beauty wasn’t enough to keep the relationship intact. Even if he has decided to be with her, eventually he will realize that he want a woman that wants him, too. It means that if he wants to have a long-lasting and committed relationship, he will realize it takes more that beauty to sustain a relationship in the long-term. Keep in mind, that your boyfriend has chosen you to be in his life, and that’s what’s important here.

Being beautiful doesn’t mean that they’ll be smart, funny or interesting

Being beautiful or handsome doesn’t imply that person will be smart or attractive. You'll find that a lot of gorgeous folks can sometimes be dull and boring. It’s the humor and warmth that make people interesting. If you can make your man laugh, listen to him, pay attention and appreciate him; be assured that he will come back at you for more. Beauty may keep a man attached to a woman for a few months or years, but as the relationship matures, he will lose interest in her unless she tries to make the relationship alive and exciting again.

Confidence reigns supreme

One of the most attractive traits men try to find in women is confidence. If you’re confident about what you bring in the relationship, attracting a man, who is your match, and keeping him interested in you, won’t be a problem. Men love women with high self-esteem and confidence as much as women love confident men.

Details about his ex can intimidate you

You will surely get obsessive or insecure if you keep listening to all the details about you his ex. Whenever he talks about his ex, don’t ask to follow up questions about her career, personality, family, lifestyle and so forth. Knowing about her life or existence has simply no value to you. The relationship has ended, and it’s for the best you focus all your time and energy in the current relationship.

The bottom line looks matter, and we all know it. Don’t forget; you are in control of your life, and it’s entirely up to you whom you date. Think of the bigger picture, most men and women want to choose their partners based on three criteria; physical appearance, intelligence and financial status. So, don’t put too much emphasis on one area. If his former lover is more lovely than you, remember, looks is only one the traits that count.

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