All Natural Solution That Repairs & Revitalizes Hair Gets Biggest Deal In Dragons Den History

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Anna and Samantha Martin just landed the biggest deal ever on Dragons Den! It was the first time in Dragons Den history that all five judges teamed up to invest in a product! Viewers were shocked when the panel of investors began a heated debate over who would get to invest in the Martin sisters' groundbreaking new hair product. Ultimately, they decided to join forces and invest in it as a team.

“We didn't know that we would get any deal. If anything, we just wanted business advice! It was shocking when all of the judges decided to invest in ,” Anna said.

The judges were amazed by all the benefits that has to offer:

  • Creates fuller, thicker hair
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Encourages shiny, healthy hair
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Uses all-natural ingredients
  • FDA approved

“We're so thankful that the judges saw what has to offer. We can't wait to see where it goes from here!” Samantha said.

What is the Dragons Den Hair Growth Product?

hair loss treatment

The Martin sisters' product is the first ever to receive a standing ovation from all five judges! The Dragons were thrilled with their investment and have been working with the Martin sisters to re-brand and re-package . Now it's ready for a global launch!

“We decided to sell it on the company website first, and it sold out within minutes! I thought we had more than enough in stock, but it was gone so quickly!” Anna explains. “We'll definitely have more supply when we launch it globally, now that we know how high the demand is!”

Why Did The Dragons Den Hair Growth Aid Net The Biggest Investment in Dragons Den History?

Thanks to Instagram and the Social Media World, as a woman in today’s world we’re constantly focusing on how we look. How others look. And if you’re down in Dixie somewhere, you’re likely not going to head to the grocery store without looking your best. The time it takes for us to not only get ready, but to feel our best takes a lot of time. A. LOT.

The cost and time it takes to get ready is a lot. A full beauty routine combined with styling hair? Let’s say an hour or two, if we’re being generous. You better believe we’re all for trying something that cuts down not only our getting-ready-time, but also cuts our cosmetic costs!

Even though endless hair products have hit our shelves before, is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The products we’ve tried over the years start off wonderful (remember that honeymoon period?) but the results would fade, and so would our appreciation for them. This product, on the other hand, is like the secret sauce for healthy, shiny hair.

What’s in this ‘Secret Sauce' to the Hair Growth Product on Dragons Den?

The Martin sisters described as containing vitamins and nutrients essential for fabulous hair. Containing a potent blend of these nourishing ingredients, the product improves texture, volume, and even length.

Although hasn’t been launched globally until now, women who tried it in the clinical trials were happy with their results. Call ‘em converts, but the women who tested this product out saw dramatic improvements in their hair. Even over their old favorite products.

Needless to say, our attention was piqued. It’s time to call on our willing victim who volunteered to try out.

We Put The Dragons Den Hair Growth Aid Product to the Test:

Melissa is super busy, running all over the city for her consulting meetings. When she’s not slaving away with us, she’s managing other employees and juggling a full schedule. It’s safe to say that’s a tiring endeavor, especially since she hits the gym first thing in the morning.

It’s hard to be superwoman, just ask Melissa. She was about an inch away from hacking off her hair in order to cut down her styling time, but fortunately this product caught her before she could.

Melissa was sick of split ends, fading color, frazzled strands, and dry hair. Nothing she’d tried (and we get a lot of samples!) seemed to work. And while Keratin treatments are an incredible idea, they’re also incredibly expensive.

No thanks.

But thank you to Melissa, who tracked her hair for a full month of using this product.

Melissa's Hair Growth Report after using for at least 28 days:

Day One:
Skeptical doesn’t begin to cut it, but I’ve tried everything out there from Pinterest DIY masks to prescription medication that supports healthy hair. I know, sounds like a lot. But the medication wasn’t really worth the cost or side effects. Can’t hurt to try this for free for a few weeks. Here’s to hoping for healthier hair!


Day 14:
Since I started taking , my hair has actually grown. I’m still skeptical that it’s grown, but you can’t deny it when your hair is hanging past your shoulders for the first time in a while. I’ve been super hesitant to grow it out because my hair never stays healthy, but I have to hand it to the Martin sisters: I’m starting to be a believer.

What’s more is there isn’t the sad evidence of aging hair in my shower anymore. I’m seeing less and less breakage.

Day 21:
Okay, here comes the fandom review: I’m obsessed. My hair has grown, but it’s also shiner and stronger. Finally, I’m safe from gnarly split ends! The ends of my hair feel thicker and less brittle and for some reason, my skin seems to be a little healthier. Hey, if Biotin works for both skin and hair, must too.


Day 28:
Everyone has complimented me on my hair. This included my male coworkers who typically couldn’t tell you the difference between a hair cut and a wig. has certainly changed my hair care routine, my styling time, and even the overall health of my hair. It’s safe to say I’m a convert, too.
Super glad I volunteered for this trial!

Our Final Verdict:

Thanks to Melissa, we’ve got a great demonstration of why the Martin sisters’ product has such rave reviews.

We know there’s a lot of scams out there, and gimmicks on the market to make you feel like you’ve made a big change. Hey, we’d buy it, too. So, we’ll challenge you to do the same: try it out for yourself. There’s nothing better than personal proof.

After victimizing Melissa with beautiful hair, we’re on the same page as the Sharks who funded the project. So many people battle with hair loss, brittle hair, and or the inability to grow it past a certain point. The sisters’ expertise and innovation is promising in preventing hair loss for other women.

We’re in the business of convenience, so we’re working to get a trial of for our readers, too. Time is of the essence. Don’t miss this special introduction to the next big beauty product hit – try it for yourself!IMPORTANT: *We have tested both products together, so It is important that you use Step 1 and Step 2 in this method to achieve similar results.



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