Teeth Whitening Product Featured On Dragons Den Episode Gets Biggest Deal in the History of the Show!

In the most-watched episode of Dragon's Den, Anna and Samantha Martin managed to win over all five Dragons!

For the first time in Dragon's Den history, all five judges argued over who would invest in a product. After a long back-and-forth, they decided to team up and each invest over a million dollars in the Martin sisters' teeth whitening product, .

Now the Dragons have helped the Martin sisters re-brand and re-package and prepare it for a global release!

“We were so shocked that the judges all wanted to invest in . We thought, if anything, we'd just get some good advice. So it was amazing when they all saw the potential in our product,” Samantha says.

The sisters had presented their product as “a huge step forward in the dental industry” and the judges agreed. After all five judges teamed up to invest in , the sisters celebrated with cake and champagne!

offers numerous great benefits:

  • Removes stains from coffee, tea and tobacco
  • Noticeable whiter and brighter teeth in one use
  • Polishes teeth while whitening
  • Fights stains caused by tetracycline and fluorosis
  • Guarantees professional results at home
  • Recommended by the American Dental Hygienist Association

teeth whitening product

was the first product on Dragon's Den to get offers from all five judges!

The Dragons have worked with the Martin sisters to make some minor changes and improvements to and prepare it to be launched worldwide!

“The Dragons have been such a great help. It feels great to see that these business experts all believe in and want to see it succeed,” Anna says.

The sisters launched on the company website and it was sold out within minutes!

“We thought we had more than enough supply, but so many people wanted the product! It was amazing,” Samantha explained.

Now the Martin sisters are boosting the production of and bracing themselves for their future success!

The American Dental Hygienist Association has performed a number of clinical trials on and determined that it improves dental health and effectively whitens teeth!

Celebs Love !

shark tank teeth whitening

“I love smiling, but I've been insecure about my teeth before. has made my teeth whiter than ever and the best part is that it uses natural ingredients!” – Oprah Winfrey

shark tank teeth whitening

“I'm always laughing and smiling, but sometimes my teeth aren't always as bright as I'd like. After the first use of , they were immediately brighter!” – Megan Mullally

teeth whitening

“I have a busy schedule, so I don't have time to do whitening strips or whitening treatments. is so simple to use and it really works!” – Sandra Bullock

teeth whitening

“A smile is an important thing! I think everyone should have a constant smile on their face, but a lot of people feel insecure about their teeth – myself included. changed that for me! My smile has never looked so good!” – Ellen Degeneres

Give Yourself the Star Whitening Treatment!

For a limited time only is giving away free samples of the product, but a limited quantity is available! These samples are completely free, with the exception of a small shipping cost.IMPORTANT: *We cannot guarantee the product will stay in stock and there is an extremely high sell out risk so act fast!



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