Drama Method Review – Great Guide Or Waste Of Time? (2014 Update)

Bottom line: This is a really good guide but it does require a dramatic (!!) approach which might not suit everyone. Read the review below to learn more or click here to see latest pricing for the Drama Method…


Men hate it when women throw their emotions around without much, if any control. At least that is what most of us believe as it relates to long lasting relationships…

Full In-Depth Drama Method Review

Men want women who are calm, cool, and collected, not dramatic or overwhelmingly caught up with their own emotional turmoil, and women have been taught to accept this simple truth. In a somewhat refreshing change of pace, Aaron Fox, a self-proclaimed relationship expert and coach, breaks the mold that most of us believe – there is no room for drama in relationships.

Fox’s The Drama Method relationship guide speaks to the powerful impact of the right kind of drama within a relationship, and details for all of our bleeding hearts how to use this “good” drama to initially seduce and then ultimately capture the heart of the man of our dreams.

The book, although not clearly stated, is geared toward women who are looking to permanently snag the man they have always wanted, by imploring his tips and tricks within his relationship guide to invoke right kind of drama.

To get any man’s constant attention (and subsequently keep it), Fox states that the only way to do so correctly is to attract him in a way that reaches him at his untapped emotional core, utilizing the clearly explained tactics found within The Drama Method to do so.

Although Fox’s relationship guide, The Drama Method, may seem a bit backwards in its theory of attraction, there are a few points to highlight that may make sense for those seeking to catch the eye of that special someone.  The Drama Method is focused on capturing the mind and soul of the ideal man (whomever that may be) by making him realize there is no other woman he wants to be with for the long haul.

DramaMethod Review

Fox states within his relationship guide that this is done through a process of intricate steps that ensures the dream guy will continuously be overcome with passion for the woman pursuing him, time and time again – all because of the right kind of drama infused into the interactions between the two.

The Drama Method is not a how-to guide focused on overwhelming a man with unnecessary emotional baggage or negative drama, but rather creating an environment where his emotional mind, body, and soul is consistently tended to.  Here is how it’s done, in short:

  • The pursuer creates a comfortable space for the dream guy to be instantly attracted to her, despite any circumstances that have previously been in the way:  Fox’s relationship guide explains how this is done in detail, achieving the seemingly challenging task of raising a man’s emotional temperature which then leaves a positive, lasting memory of the pursuer in the man’s mind.
  • The purpose of creating a space of attraction is followed by establishing an environment in which the dream guy feels emotionally safe in the pursuer’s presence: Commitment can be a heavy issue for all parties involved in a budding relationship, and the existence of a safe emotional space, where the dream guy can feel comfortable if he does engage in a relationship with the pursuer is an important step in Fox’s methodology.
  • The pursuer, after creating a safe space for emotional release, must keep the dream guy engaged and let him get bored with the relationship: If the pursuer is able to complete the first step of Fox’s method – raising emotional temperature – it must be repeated so that passion is present and received, time and time again.
  • The pursuer must remember that the purpose of the process is not to overwhelm the dream guy with unnecessary negative drama: Fox talks about the use of emotional poker within the book, speaking to the misconception that throwing emotions around keeps things interesting.  The pursuer must be smart about what is given in terms of emotion, and know what will drive her dream guy away.
  • Logical attraction: Within The Drama Method, the logical attraction process develops over time, and with proper execution of the above steps, creates an environment where the dream guy has his own desire to commit for the long-term.
  • Cocktail drama: Fox explains at length the difference between negative drama and positive drama (referred to in his relationship guide as cocktail drama).  Instead of pushing the dream guy away with frantic negative emotional drama, he talks about the importance of utilizing positive cocktail drama in making the man want the pursuer even more.
  • The sweet turmoil method: In addition to positive drama, Fox explains that connecting to the emotional core of the dream guy is vital to a successful relationship beginning, and the sweet turmoil method speaks to how the pursuer can engage in this process correctly.
  • The emotional variety trick: Ultimately, the purpose of The Drama Method process is to establish variety within the relationship, creating managed ups and down in order to keep things fresh and passionate.

In addition to the steps mentioned above, Fox talks at length about what women should make a priority to work on, before implementing the process of The Drama Method.  There is quite a bit of information surrounding the importance of confidence, self-assuredness and self love – being comfortable in her own skin before trudging down the relationship road again.

Fox explains that if there is a lack of confidence or a concern about body image that is not addressed prior to starting the process of The Drama Method, his process will not work.  He speaks to the way a man’s mind works, and what he will initially find attractive in a woman is confidence.

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If there is a tone of discontent with her own body or personality, the man she is pursuing will be less than likely to engage with her for the long-term, creating yet another bad relationship that lacks commitment and passion.  In order for the method to work properly, the woman must love herself first.  A message we can all cling to!

Fox also talks about the importance of letting go of the emotional baggage that may be lingering from past relationships.  For both men and women, the dating and relationships from the past will not serve a purpose in a new endeavor in the love department, and Fox talks at length about the power of moving on from these connections prior to starting his process.

A clean slate is needed in order for the methods of his book to work in any capacity.

According to the author, it matters very little whether the pursuer is currently single, in a committed relationship or has recently broken it off with a partner.

The Drama Method does not discriminate against the status of the pursuer as it pertains to past or current relationships, but allows for those utilizing the tools provided within the guide to create emotional connection through the right kind of drama to start or keep a relationship worthwhile for the man.

The Drama Method also does not specify a specific age or social status in which the process works best, as Fox states that the human mind, of both men and women, works similarly despite these factors.  There is a hint of universalism within the relationship guide that may cause some readers to turn up their nose at the advice, but Fox relies heavily on his ideal that none of the factors listed matter if all the steps are understood and implemented correctly.

Some critics are swayed by The Drama Method due to the author’s claim regarding his status as a relationship coach, but Fox talks candidly about his own tumultuous relationships as a precursor to his relationship guide.

He discusses his last break-up, and the impact it has had on his perspective on what works and what does not work within relationships, from a man’s perspective.  The Drama Method is also put down by some as it is clearly geared toward women snagging the man of their dreams, and there is little mention of how men can be better in their role in capturing a woman’s heart.

The relationship guide was written for women who are desperately seeking a relationship that is different from past loves, and breaking the bad relationship cycle that we can all encounter, but no longer wish to endure.

Regardless of the few simple caveats, it seems Fox’s relationship guide is sound advice, based on personal experience and studied responses to the steps explained within the book.

He focuses his efforts on how to make the shift, in mindset and in practice, toward more supportive, committed, long-lasting relationships, and gives serious insight into how the male mind works.  The information presented within the guide provides a roadmap for those seeking this kind of relationship whom have been unsuccessful in the past in achieving that goal.

Despite the somewhat misleading title, The Drama Method is a powerful relationship guide for women seeking a better relationship, willing to make a dramatic change surrounding how they view emotional connections with men.

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2 thoughts on “Drama Method Review – Great Guide Or Waste Of Time? (2014 Update)”

  1. This book is GREAT, I was given the audio version and the advice is brilliant. I had an argument with my significant other, he thinks I don’t respect him and after reading the book I understand the importance of this. He still has a key to my home and has clothes etc. at my home but he hasn’t spoken to me for three weeks now, I haven’t reached out either because I understand that he has opted for the “flight” rather than that fight and I really don’t want to teach him it’s ok to run out on me but should I call him? I don’t know what to do as I don’t want to loose him… I’m struggling to find an answer in the book!

  2. I would call him and let him know that I understand how crucial respect is for him and use some other things from the book. Then simply say i get it, and close out the call. Short, sweet, and simple. Should be no longer than a 1-5 min call.

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