Dynamite Tips On How To Flirt With Girl Without Her Knowing

You must have heard about “Love at first sight”. This type of love generally happens to most of the guys. It is a love that happens when you see a girl for the first time. Some of the guys may fall in “Love at first sight” for several times while some get into serious relationship after the falling in love at first sight. No matter whether you are a guy who falls in love frequently or a single woman man, it can be difficult for you to flirt with girl who is a stranger to you as you do not know how will she react for your actions. Thus, it is essential to check out the tips that will give you more confidence to flirt with girl without knowing her. Here are some of the important tips that will give you an opportunity to flirt with a girl without her knowing.

Smile and make an intense eye contact

Your smile can be your ornament that helps you to make you attractive. A cute and charming smile is enough to grab the attention of someone. Hence, it is suggested that if you want to flirt with a girl whom you actually don’t know, you should pass her an adorable smile that wins her heart. Another important tip on how to flirt with girl without her knowing is that you should make an intense eye contact with her.

It is obvious that when you like something or someone, you find it hard to keep your eye away from it. You want that thing or a person to be in front of your eyes. When you start liking a girl in the first meeting, you will unconsciously watch her repeatedly. Somehow she will get the intuition that you are looking at her and will make a further move towards you if she like you too or will check you for your action. There are higher possibilities that she will not stop you if you know the art of flirting with eyes. While flirting with eyes, you should avoid watching her consistently. Be sure that she should not feel that you are staring at her or having lust for her. Make your eye movement cheeky, make a good eye contact with her while talking to someone else.

Master on the skill of ice breaking

You can befriend a stranger only when you have good things to talk about. While initiating the conversation with a girl whom you have met for the first time, you should have a good ice breaker. On choosing the right ice breaker, you can make her feel comfortable and can attract her towards you. Ice breakers are the pickup lines that you can say to a girl you are attracted to. Some of the best ice breakers that guys should learn on how to flirt with girl without her knowing are as follows:

  • “Hello, how do you do?”
  • “Are you enjoying the party?”
  • “Can you give me a pleasure to dance with you?”
  • “You look the best” or “ you are looking sexy in your dress”
  • “Are you in search of someone or you have found him?”

In addition to these, you can ask questions about her likes and dislikes so that she can be comfortable with you. After knowing about her interest areas, you can initiate your conversation according to her likes and interest so that she finds it more interesting to talk to you.

Compliment her to win the game

One of the best tips on how to flirt with girl without her knowing is that you should complement her without hesitation. It is a great way to successfully flirt with a girl. Almost every girl likes to hear compliments for what she is from inside. So, you can use it as a tool to impress her. Make her feel that she is the prettiest lady of your life and after her you don’t wish to look at any other girl.  Instead of directly saying that she is looking hot or sexy, you should start with praising her thought, her attitude, smile, her earrings, dress and lip color that she is wearing.

Art of speaking

Another tip on how to flirt with girl without knowing her is that you should have a good control over your speech. Keep your tone low, do not shout. Along with this, you need to pay attention on your vocabulary. Avoid using any slang in front of girls and at the public place in order to create your better image. It is not a good way to grab attention of the girls especially the strangers. Also, you should have the control over your anger that could change your voice modulation. While flirting with the girl, you can whisper in her ears to make her feel sensual.

Focus on your body language

Before you speak a word, it is your body language that speaks. Your body language can easily reflect your personality. While interacting with girls, you should make sure that your body language is in accordance with the words which you are saying. If your words do not match with your body language then you may be perceived as a liar. Good eye contact, proper posture, straight walking and warm touches are the important part of body language. Guys who consistently face rejection by the girls should check on their body language and take the grooming classes from the reliable institutions. For improving your body language, you can do the mirror practice as well.

One of the most important parts of flirting is to make a girl feel sensual. You should touch her gently and keep a note the she likes your touch. If she resists, then you can use some flirty lines that she gets distracted so that you can use your hand movements on her and make her feel more sensual. If you want to know how to flirt with girl without her knowing in an adventurous manner, then try this trick to get a girl.

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