Easy And Simple Workout Plans That Work For Almost Everyone

Being fit is more of a challenge in today’s era with corporate culture which is making you to work until midnight. But at the same time, in the same corporate culture, your presentation is equally important and as such you need to be fit. This makes most of you to work extra hours just in order to be that fit and presentable. Most of you need to have a well toned and lean body so that you look better and the girls also seem to get moved by your looks. You all want to date someone and whether you are dating a Polish girl or an American girl, she wants you to be fit or else she may dump you out of her life.

So, in order to form a combination between the work hours and fitness schedule and impress your girlfriend, you shall always look for the workout plans that work. You can have a good physique by dedicating a paltry twenty minutes to half an hour for your fitness schedule by executing smart exercises and moves. Here is the basic guide for you to have a better body and burn some good amount of fat just by working out for twenty odd minutes on a daily basis:

Include the squat jumps in your workout routine:

If you are looking to become more agile and fitter, then squat jumps can be an ideal option and doing at least 10 jumps on a daily basis will help you greatly. It also helps you to get better of the constipation problems and helps you to get a flat belly which is the thing that most of you want.

It can also help you in your sexual life as many girls resist having sex with guys with flat bellies as it is not that easy. So, when you are thinking about how to get a girl to have sex with you, you can remodel yourself with these exercises and your remodeled look will act as a magnet and will attract the girls towards you as well.

Mountain climbing Move:

This is another very impactful move that helps in the lower body toning and makes you more agile as well. It is readily found in all the workout plans that work because sitting idle has a very bad impact on your lower body but by doing 15 to 20 mountain climbers on a daily basis will help you a great deal. At the same time, it hardly takes around 1-2 minutes to do all these climbing moves and have a very positive impact on your body.

Lunges on the legs:

This is another very good move and especially helps in curbing the fat while also helps you to tone the body. The best part with the exercise is that you need not to go to a gym and even when you have a hectic work schedule; you can do them with ease as it takes just around a few minutes. You shall regularly get to do these lunges at least ten per day on each leg to have a very fresh feel every morning. When you don’t have a good body, you are a bit shy on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend as you feel that your physique is inferior. But with the set of exercises, you can definitely get a better built and confidence to propose a girl without any sorts of fear.

If you are a woman in your post natal period, then these lunges can be even more helpful to you as you cannot do the exercises that involve efforts from your side. At the same time, you also tend to lose all your agility and lunging on the legs can help you to make your reflexes stronger. Even the athletes make these lunges an important part of their fitness schedule which is a big testament to the benefits that this exercise do have.

Elevated Push-ups for upper body toning:

You all want to have a good and well toned body that you can flaunt with ease and show it off to everyone. With the elevated push-ups, you can work on the abs and get a leaner as well as fitter abdomen and other upper body parts. If you are looking to have a positive workout then this is definitely in the workout plans that work as it helps you immensely in getting a better body.

You must start with a few elevated pushups and increase the number as the day passes and the time that you are having for the workout. If you are looking for a twenty minute workout, then doing 10 elevated push-ups a day will help you to have time for other exercises as well and will also help you.

Holding the plank move:

This plan is called as holding the plank as you need to be inclined to the surface with your upper body off the floor and try to remain in the same position for a good thirty seconds. It helps you to develop better upper body strength and have greater power which is liked by the girls. Especially when you are having a girlfriend and you are hesitant about getting physical with her because you don’t have a good body, this exercise can be a good solution.

Once you do all these exercises for a period of two to three weeks, you will have a good body and you need not to think about when to kiss a girl, when to get physically close with her as you know that she will be impressed by your physique and inner built. You must decide a time window for which you are going to do all these exercises and if you finish these exercises before that time, you can repeat the exercises afterwards to make sure that you get the maximum output. You can also look for some other workout plans that work if you are not that comfortable with any of these exercises, but make sure you do your workout on a regular basis.

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