Effective Communication Skills is A Must To Connect Better

Most men and women think the communication is simple and straightforward. After all, it’s all just talking and listening. Well, it is. But, good communication involves two people with tender feelings and valid opinions. Communication between two people gets complicated when a person’s emotions are on the line. We also fail to have a balanced conversation with our partners due to insecurities of each other. It can be really upsetting and frustrating.

Here are six common obstacles couples encounter while having conversations with one another.

1. Too Much Talking And Less Listening
Some people think that just because they can talk nonstop, they’re excellent communicators. But, talking is just one part of the communication, and that too isn’t the important part. Effective communication requires both talking and listening, but for most men and women, talking is easier than listening. But, remember one thing that great communicators are excellent listeners.

2. The Need To “Take Care” Of Every Problem
Many men and women, instead of listening with empathy, do the wrong thing by offering lots of advice. Whenever you open up and talk about your feelings to a chronic problem-solver, he or her primary focus will be to fix the problem, and undermining the real causes that created the problem in the first place. The goal of gaining greater understanding is often neglected. It’s better not to go for problem-solving and wait until your partner asks for it directly.

3. The Dumping Crisis
For some folks, a conversation is an opportunity to purge. They seldom know how much is too much. We believe you’ve experience dealing with people like this, and when you’ve been around them for some time, you start to feel trapped and tricked. You find that there is no give-and-take, and people like this want a listener, not a soul mate.

4. The Expectation Of Reading Minds
We assume that you’ve met individuals who told you that if you really understood them, then they won’t need to explain everything to you. Though mind-reading might be huge in showbiz, they offer almost nothing when it comes to real relationships. You boyfriend or girlfriend won’t understand you by reading your mind, but by having a dialogue in a clear and straightforward manner. If you want your significant other to know more about you, it will only happen when you share your thoughts and feelings.

5. Having The Spotlight All By Yourself
Communication is a two-way street. Same goes when it comes to conversations. Some people keep elbowing others out of the path so they can steal the spotlight all by themselves. Excellent communication only begins with genuine interest. You’ve to be sincere to know and understand what happening inside and outside of your partner, and vice versa.

6. Keeping Everything Frivolous
Most people want to maintain their conversations light and casual. But, often these men and women struggle in accessing their feelings, rather than the willingness in communicating those feelings. They want to talk, but they can’t exactly figure out what to talk about. Therefore, if you want to excel at communication, be aware of what’s going on inside of you.

If you’re dating someone, and want a soul connection with your partner, start by bringing down the walls that obstruct to have a deeper level of conversation.

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