Few Effective Rules For Starting A New Relationship

Starting a new relationship after a breakup can both be tricky and exciting. But, some men and women put too much effort to impress their potential matches that eventually end up doing the wrong thing. The relationship goes south before it even got the chance to take off. If you want your new relationship to be successful and long-lasting consider these tips:

Be Comfortable
This refers to the public display of affection, which is common in every relationship. Every guy and gal have his/her personal comfort level. Ask your girlfriend or boyfriend if he/she is ok with holding hands, kissing, or hugging in public. You both should be fully honest what you both like and feel comfortable when dating.

Get To Know Each Other
Relationships become easier when two people get to know each other better. So, take a break from your hectic schedules, choose a day when you both can meet, and spend some quality and intimate time together to get to know more about each other better.

Don’t Abandon Your Friends
Relationships need a lot of commitment, but that doesn’t mean that your friends should take a backseat. Your relationship may not last, but your friends won’t leave you no matter what. If for some unfortunate reason, your relationship ends, ultimately you will have to turn to your friends for support. So spend some time with your buddies whenever you can.

Focus On The Present, Forget The Past
You just started a new relationship. Keep focusing on that and don’t over think about the future at this point of the relationship. Don’t ask your boyfriend or girlfriend questions like, ‘if he/she wants to get married or, whether he/she likes kids,' you get the idea. Conversations like these put a lot of stress in the relationship that can make him/her run away. So, enjoy things are they are and don’t criticize or question his/her decisions or thoughts.

Be Nice Friends With His/Her Friends
If you're serious about your new relationship, then be friends with your partner’s friends. You don’t have to be best friends with them just get along with them. Keep in mind, your friendship with his/her friends will influence your boyfriend or girlfriend whether if he/she wants to take this relationship to the next level.

Tell Your Secrets
We aren’t saying to tell all your secrets to your new love interest, just the ones you can live with. For example, you should inform your boyfriend or girlfriend about your ex and past relationships, or whether if you still keep in touch with your exes. It will save you from awkward encounters in case you accidentally bump in front of them.

Be Honest About Your Feelings and Emotions
Be truthful about your feelings and emotions, and don’t shy away from expressing it to your partner. When you say something, mean it. Honesty matters a lot in a new relationship and will help both of you to stay away from fighting over trivial things.

Keep Your Bedroom Stories Secret
Your relationship is sacred to you and your partner. This means what happens with your boyfriend or girlfriend in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom. Don’t share any of your bedroom stories with your friends or colleagues, or anything intimate about your new relationship. Not honoring may offend your partner and can create conflicts in the relationship.

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