Are Your Efforts In The Relationship Pushing Him Away?

Are you feeling exhausted dating and being in relationships? If yes, maybe you’re doing all the work to maintain the relationship and keep things normal between you and your man. This will backfire one day and will actually push your boyfriend away. So, what can you do?

Here are some approaches that will make him step up, and put some effort in the relationship by himself, that will make him feel loved and secure again.

1. What Happens To Him When You Do All The Work?
When you’re doing all the work in the relationship to keep it going, two things can happen; you become tired and resentful, and he becomes less attracted to you. It does seem harsh, but it’s true. A man will stop loving you if you’re doing all the giving. Guys are competitive by nature, and they need to invest in you and make an effort so that he can feel that he has worked to ‘win’ you. And, if you’re doing all the work in the relationship, he starts to feel inadequate, and you’re hindering his natural drive to chase you. Besides, if you do all the work to keep the relationship move forward, it shows that you’re needy and desperate, which are unattractive qualities in a person.

2. Stop Doing All The Work And Turn Things Around
If you’re in a situation like this and want things to go back to normal again, stop doing what you’re doing now. If you come up with something that both of you can do together, stop it. If you’re reaching for his to have a stroll on the beach, don't do it. If you’re attempting to convince him that you both can be a great and loving couple again, and he should be more committed to the relationship, it’s never going to work. So, stop. Instead, focus all of your energy towards you. Make a list of all the things you stopped doing, and all the friends you stopped visiting, and then start doing those activities again. It’s the best way to stop analyzing, thinking and processing about all the things you’ve been doing all this time for the relationship.

3. See What He Does And What You Feel
It can be incredibly scary if your man takes the wheels and starts turning around the relationship. You feel like he has lost interest in the relationship, and you might lose him. But, that’s not what will happen. When you stop putting all of your efforts in the relationship and focus entirely on yourself, something amazing happens. You man will show his true colors. If he’s the right boyfriend for you, he will naturally get more attracted to you, and up his game. Meanwhile, the wrong guy won’t improve his effort, and he’ll make you feel that you’re much better than him. If you want to have a loving and committed relationship, it will best for you if you let him go. Sure it will be heartbreaking, but things will be worse if you continue to be with him.

If you’re dating someone or in a relationship, resist the temptation to do all the work by yourself in maintaining the relationship. You’ll see that the rewards will be much sweeter than ever.

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