Eight Signs That Prove You Are A Bad Date

Dating is stressful. We all have experienced bad dates. Often people assume that that dates go bad because he or she wasn’t compatible with the other. But, did you think that your date was interested in you at the first place? Maybe you’ve unknowingly done or said things that turned off your potential partner. Below are eight warning indications that show that you aren’t a good date:

1. You’re late for a date or changed plans at the last minute instead of taking your date’s feelings into account. Doing so, you failed to honor your commitment to be together as planned.

2. During the date, you don’t fully focus on your date. You get distracted by attractive people passing by you, or by constantly looking at your phone, text messages, emails, etc. It interrupts you from paying full attention to the conversation with your date. While having a conversation with your date, you don’t give your potential love match a chance to tell about him or her. You keep telling about yourself, making your date an active listener. You aren’t interested to know about your date or don’t give feedback when he or she talks.

3. You overstate your dating goals and accomplishments, instead of being honest about who you really are. It’s up to your date to decide if your life experiences, achievements, and dating goals are a good match or not.

4. You start your conversation with heavy, negative stories of your past on your own with your date, instead of new, fresh and fun stories. All these create a negative vibe and dampen your date’s mood.

5. You pressure your potential love match with commitment quickly or invite her to an event, after just a few dates, instead of getting to know each other. You rush to make your relationship exclusive before discovering if both of you have what it takes to have a stable relationship or whether your shared values, opinions, and interests complement each other.

6. You take help of electronic communications such as text messages, emails, to keep track of your dates dating activities, or scheduling a date, instead of making a human connection with your date. It includes calling him or her to go on a date or having a conversation about issues related to your dating life face-to-face.

7. You judge your potential match, don’t seem to like or be supportive of your date’s dreams and life goals. You suggest your date that he or she should fit or match your ideals and preferences if you want him or her to keep dating or think of having a relationship. Also, you don’t stop criticizing your date’s physical imperfections, their friends and family members, rather than saying something positive about their unique qualities, good habits, strengths, and how they all bring the best in each other.

8. You constantly talk about how busy you’re with your personal, family and professional life, instead of making room for your love life and making your loving relationship a priority.

Overall, if you’re still single and looking for someone new, get rid of these habits, if you want yourself to be a good date to your potential love match.

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