Emotional Attraction – That Makes A Man Fall and Be In Love

Any of us who have been in a relationship with a man who starts to do all types of things to surprise his woman. Things, like always coming up with a plan and showing how much he respects, appreciates you and care for you, and all of a sudden he stopped. And it’s easy to tell when your man unexpectedly stopped doing all these things for you; you begin losing that, “loving feeling “. This loving feeling made you excited and went crazy to see him and spend time with him.

Well, the fact is the case is also same with men. When the relationship becomes more mature and comfortable, and more predictable over time, and the relationship starts to become more routine. You’ll find that the passion that your man had during the initial dating phase has fizzled out. But, it isn’t the physical part of the relationship that has wanted out; rather it’s the emotional connection that been lost. Emotional attraction is what you need to reconnect with your partner and here is how you can do it:

Give him space he needs

This means you both should take divert all of the energy and attention from your relationship and focus it towards your own lives. It means spending time with your family and friends, doing something you like, and pursue activities that make you happy. There are two benefits here; first, you feel empowered and don’t allow your emotions to take over you in any situations. Second, if a man is given his own space, he forgets about his insecurities and fears he had over time.

Shake up your relationship by making it exciting and interesting

Relationships lose its spark and turn dull if it becomes routine. So, shake things up by making your relationship unpredictable and exciting. If things are in a fizzled with the man you have been in a close, long-term relationship, then by injecting new and unpredictable things into the relationship and how you relate to him will make it exciting again. If you habituated in doing the same things over and over again on the weekends, change it. Think about new and fun things to do. Pick up a sport that you both enjoy, go out have dinner somewhere, or meet up some new people. Go for an unplanned trip to a place you both have never been before and explore different ways to be intimate again. If you’re together most of the time, spending some time apart will too, create newness and unpredictability in your relationship.

If you think that your relationship has been stalled, and you don’t feel connected to your man like before, then this can actually be good for you. Because, now you know the ingredients to be more intimate and close with your man, and make your relationship loving and exciting once more. If a man is emotionally and physically attracted to you just like when you both started dating, then you can get back that same level of closeness and intimacy into your relationship.

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