‘Emotional’ Cheating: Hurtful Things It Can Do to You

Most of us never can even think about cheating on someone especially our beloved partners. But at the same time, we do not have the idea that we are on the verge of emotionally cheating our partners. Now the question is what does emotional cheating mean? Well, if we like and enjoy spending most of our time with our friends rather than with our partner then this can be termed as emotional cheating. Although this cannot be done as intentionally or deliberately, this is what emotional cheating in fact means.

Unknown to many, this is a most common type of fraud which couples usually face. If you are more emotionally connected to somebody else than your partner, then you probably are already emotionally cheating on your partner.

Now here the question arises that are the close friendships can be considered as an emotional cheating? Well having friends is a good thing. Obviously, you always need someone on whom you can rely and share your sufferings. Your partner cannot be around you all the time. But there is a blurry line difference between emotional cheating and having a close affiliation with someone of opposite sex. If you find yourself being addicted and overused to your friend, coworker, etc. then this is not a good sign for your love life.

If you feel free and comfortable while talking about your friend to your partner, then it is ok, but if you feel like hiding a few things, then this shows your emotional attachment towards your friend which really not is a good signal.

It is so exciting and refreshing to spend time with your friend, sharing smiles and collecting memories. You may secretly start dressing up for your friend. But wait for once and look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself what you are exactly up to? It is easy to act selfish but does you have the idea that what sort of problems it can bring to your love life? Such transformations in you signify emotional cheating that is being done by you to your partner.

Read out the following pointers to reveal bad things that cheating emotionally can do to you:

  • The emotional affair that you are having will force you to live two completely different lives. One focusing on your lover, while on the other hand trying hard to spend time with your friend
  • When you are infatuated with someone, you spend most of the time daydreaming about them and the time you spent together. This way your work is affected. As you wasted your time while daydreaming or chatting, then you have to give extra working hours and thus over time and staying away from your lover for the longer period will adversely affect your relationship.
  • When you start getting involved in somebody else, you naturally can’t help pushing away the one you already love. You start taking then for granted.
  • Emotional cheating leads to petty fights. Your partner will start getting annoyed with your little secrecy or being less responsive in the love life you share.
  • You start getting frustrated. You are on the one hand with the one who makes you happy, and on the contrary, you want to be with the one who makes you more comfortable.
  • You may believe that honesty matters in a relationship, but when you are emotionally attracted to somebody else, you start telling lies to your partner on various occasions and in different situations.

Emotional cheating will lead you nowhere. It will only spoil your present relationship. And with the passage of time, if you cross that thin, blurry line, you can never get out of it without a painful scar.

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