Emotions You Should Never Feel In A Healthy Relationship

A relationship should be like a support system, where you can express at anytime and anywhere without being judged or mocked. If in a relationship, you get mentally agitated; your inner peace is disturbed, your self-esteem is badly hurt, and all your positivity is being drained out then you need to get rid of such a relationship or at least you are in an intense need of fixing up this relationship.

Why do we seek relationships? It is to make us happy, young and alive. Relationships complete us. But if you are a force to settle down on less than you deserve then it will make you lonely and isolated.

Although no relationship is perfect and it demands compromises, still do not ever settle for a relationship which makes you feel any of the following emotions. Either leave it or seek help to fix it.


Every relationship needs care and attention. It helps in grooming your relationship. Being neglected and ignored is the worst feeling ever. There is no reason to stay in such a relationship where your partner does not take attempts to make you feel happy and extraordinary.


The relationship is all about companionship. If your partner is too busy in hanging out with his friends and do not pay attention to your needs then why to live with such a partner?


We all need to be complimented and appreciated. If your partner keeps on pointing your flaws and makes you feel bad about it all the time, then it is a high time. You definitely deserve somebody who accepts you the way you are.


One should feel secure and protected in a relationship. If you remain in a constant fear of disrespect and abuse then that such a relationship is of no use.


Your partner should give you respect and confidence. If you feel unattractive because of your partner’s words or action, then you seriously need to ponder over your relationship.


Everyone has the right to raise their opinions. If you feel like losing your voice in a relationship, then there is no point of staying in such a relationship.

Taken advantage

If you feel like being used by your partner to fulfill their needs only then stop right away. Your partner is acting selfishly. Your partner might use you physically, emotionally, financially or mentally.


It should not be only you who keeps this relationship afloat. Your partner should contribute equally. If they seem like not putting any efforts at all, then consider leaving them behind.


Feeling betrayed or being lied is one of the worst feelings. If your partner deceives or lies to you on a regular basis then it is time to move forward.


Relationships are made to grow together. Sharing, supporting and planning for future goals. If your life seems stagnant and dead, this is the right time to reevaluate your relationship and take the right decision.

Although relationships are not always perfect. There may occur many disturbing and painful situations, but if you constantly feel anyone of the emotions mentioned above in your life, then it is better to reconsider your relationship and make a smart move of either leaving or putting things right to omit such feelings.


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