Enjoy Your Married Life By Learning How Sex After Marriage Is Beneficial

Marriage has always been the combination of spirits no marriage gets completed until and unless couples get consumed. Sex is one of the most important keys for any married life and it brings a lot of happiness in your life so, it is necessary to have sex after marriage. There are numerous tips that you can follow for having sex, but the main thing is that whether your partner is ready or not because nothing can happen against their choice. Physical intimacy with your partner plays an important role in developing an emotional bond which is essential to lead a happy married life.

Apart from this, there are several health benefits of having sex also. So, if you are getting married, you should know the importance of sex and practice it on your life.

Tips to keep your marriage life sexually fit

Connect emotionally with your partner: If you do not know anything about your partner, then having sex after marriage cannot be easy for you. For this, you will need to connect emotionally with your partner as it is the key for having sex. Talk with her and know about her likes, dislikes and other things. Since, now you are a couple you should know that whether they have done this before or not. If yes, then they will be familiar with all the things and if not then be naughty.

On the other hand, the husband should not force her wife to have sex. Instead of forcing make her feel relaxed and give her enough time. You can start flirting with your wife by keeping your hands on her shoulder or on lips or by waving it in the hairs. Husband should give such hints that can arouse her wife and she can understand what he wants. Even the husband can also ask the wife whether she is ready or not and if he can start feeling her body. Giving sensual touches play an important role in arousing the lady which can lead to sex.

Use ice creams, liquor chocolates and beer: Although, there are many things that you can use to set the mood but nothing can take the place of ice creams, beers and liquor chocolates. They look best on bed and can be used before and after having sex. You can use the ice creams for arising sexual tension between both of you. All you need is a scoop of ice cream, eat it in a single bowl or cone and when it will melt it will directly go to the fingers which you can start licking or usually at the time of eating some ice cream remains on chin so, don’t wait for anyone just start licking the chin and the rest of the work will be done by the hormones. All this will indicate your partner about your feelings and that you want to have sex.

Hold your partner tight and have sex talk: For having any sexual relationship, it is necessary to have physical and emotional connection with your partner. Many therapists and counselors say that instead of holding hands and hugging, hold your partner tightly and have the best sexual talk. Your hold should be such that your wife should feel satisfied with your touch only and should get lost in your masculine power.

Apart from this try to have sexual talk with your partner, know about her likes and comment on her sexy body parts and beauty. Communication can be the key to the bedroom, try to share each thing that you have in your mind. Know that if you will keep all your desires and dreams in your mind only then it will decrease the likelihood in your sex life which will result in loss of strength and power.

Think about sexual fantasies: Everyone has sexual fantasies and they dream many things related to sex after marriage. Most of the time, you get attracted towards someone who is really charming and you think that if you would not have been married then you would have done something with him/her. So, if you want then you can fulfill this fantasy on your bed with your partner. Just assume that you are getting intimate with the person of choice and see the result will really feel satisfied. This will help you in coming out of your fantasy and on the other hand you will feel sexually satisfied which is more important for both of you.

Opt for sex vacation: Vacations are always meant for fun and time pass. If you want then you can also go for sex vacation. These types of vacations bring sex fire back in your life and you will get more time to understand each other. May be the newly married couples or the couples who are in live in relationship feel uneasy to go for these types of vacations but if you will go once you will really feel the change in your sexual life and the sexual tension will also increase. The best place is the beach destination where you can go for vacations, usually there are many isolated islands and other places where you can spend time and do some sexy and funny things also.

Signature sex position: This is one of the most important tips that attract lot of couples towards sex after marriage. Although, there are many positions in which you can enjoy your sex but why don’t you make your own signature sex position. This will make you excited and you will feel to have more sex. You can also give a name to your favorite position; the name should sound a little bit wild and sexy. Apart from the sex position you can also have some Hollywood style kissing you can start kissing by grabbing her to your side and then plant your finger on her lips and start kissing.

In order to avoid the boredom in your sex life, you can try practicing different sex positions and use your creativity and naughtiness while talking to your partner.

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