We Have the Answer To Your Erectile Dysfunction Problem

You got this sexy girl laying on your, bed butt ass naked, waiting for you to do awesome things to her, but there’s one problem: your penis is softer than spaghetti noodles sitting in boiling water for too long.

What’s your next Move?

The first thing I want to explain is that erectile dysfunction, or spaghetti d*ck, is caused by lack of blood flow to your penis. Think if it like when you sit down and take a forty five minute poop; when you stand up your legs fell asleep because of a lack of blood flow. It’s the same concept.

There can be a majority of causes for this circulatory blood flow problem, but in young adults you probably had a little too much to drink that night, and you might have combined the alcohol with some other drugs.

Now even if you do figure out the reason behind it, that doesn’t change much because this girl still needs some Vitamin D in her life. Whatever you do, don’t panic. Worrying never can lead to anything good, but in this situation it’s only going to make matter ten times worse. Remember that it happens to everybody whether they say so or not. You just had too much to drink no big deal. Keep your head in the game because there’s still a chance you get hard.

If you feel like the condom has something to do with it, I recommend rolling up the condom, so it’s only half way up your shaft this way there’s less of a chance it’s blocking blood flow. I don’t want to say take it off because it is nice to practice safe sex, but if there are no other alternatives and you’re in bed with an all out smoke-show, it’s something to think about.

Now after a few minutes if nothing works, don’t make things weird for the girl. It’s an awkward situation for them too, as they might not feel like you’re attracted to them and that it’s their fault. Tell her that you just had too many shots, and do something to please her. Finger her, play with it, go down on her for a little bit. Not only with this buy you more time, but it very well could make your even hornier, and you might look down two minutes later and see that your noodle hardened up a little bit.

The second you feel like you have chance to get back in there, go for it! Don’t wait. Grab your meat by the shaft and ease your way into in. Once you feel a moist vagina, you’ll be shocked at how quickly your penis will respond.

When all else fails look forward to that morning wood. Wake up and f*ck her like you never f*cked before and I promise you she will completely forget about your incident the night prior. I guarantee it.

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