How To Establish An Unbreakable Connection With A Man’s Heart

You and your boyfriend might share a lot of common interests and similar goals, but if you don’t or fail to create an unbreakable connection with his “heart,” then nothing else is worth to take about. It’s the connection with his heart that matters the most in a relationship. If you feel that you’re missing that with your man, or just couldn’t reach his heart, then don’t get anxious. There is a way to connect with a guy at deeper and emotional level, right from the beginning.

Be Present With Him
A guy can’t connect with you if your mind is somewhere else other than him. If you’re on a first date and thinking too much whether you can have a second date with him, then you’re losing a great chance to connect with a man. If you’re on a first date with a man, the only thing you should be doing to enjoy the experience and savor the moment. Enjoy your dinner, relax, go out for a walk in the park, appreciate the sights around you, etc. When a man realizes that you like to be at the moment, he’ll think that you’re a woman whose main agenda is to enjoy spending time with him. It will also make him feel comfortable to let you into his heart.

Get Curious About Him
An excellent way to immediately create a connection with a man is to show that you’re genuinely interested in him, and who he is real. We can’t resist the temptation to talk about ourselves. But, if you’re on a first date with a man, this isn’t the time to over stuff his head about your accomplishments, your great adventures, your goals, etc. We aren’t telling you not to have a conversation with a man about these things. You can and should, but you need to pace yourself. Don’t tell him all at once. There will be plenty of time to talk about these things with him when he asks you for a second date. And he will if he finds that he’s dating a woman who is curious to know more about him.

Feel Vulnerable
The key to true intimacy and emotional connection is when two people are feeling safe enough to fully open and be honest about themselves in front of the each other. It means that you let your date know about your true feelings and your fears. You know that you’re feeling nervous on the first date, and instead of hiding your fears, and pretending that you’ve got it all under control, let him know what’s going on for you. When you do that, he’ll see that you’re not perfect, and this is a good thing!

Your man will be relieved that he’s dating a real human being with real feelings and emotions. He’ll also safe, comfortable and confident enough to share his true feelings and inner experiences with you.

So, the next time you are meeting someone new, and you want to connect with him, all you need to do is be present with him, get curious about him, and willing to show your true self to him.

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