Even The Healthiest Of Relationships Has Conflicts. Here’s Why

Let’s make one thing clear: If you think of creating harmony by avoiding any kind of conflict, you really don’t have any harmony. Most people want harmony in their lives, relationships, and families. In fact, we just don’t love harmony we need it. Everyone desires to have a peaceful, harmonious relationship with their partners and will do their best to avoid any conflicts. Though, a little conflict may be essential for the relationship, even though most couples yearn for absolute calm and harmony. They also want it to last for a long time, and they do anything to maintain it. Unfortunately, it is this absolute calm and harmony that is preventing people from having healthy relationships.

During the initial days of the relationship, we tend to be fully open and honest with our partners. We accept each other’s opinions because we want to avoid conflict. Sometimes, we withhold our innermost feelings and thoughts thinking expressing it might offend or hurt our spouses. We start to love each other because we get along each other easily. Maintaining harmony in the relationship becomes the most important thing for both of us.

Avoiding conflicts in the relationship will affect our health
As the relationship matures over time, maintaining the harmony becomes difficult as it starts to take a toll on us. Couples don’t feel the need to be fully open and honest with each other, and this will give birth to conflicts and resentments in the relationship. The relationship feels no longer healthy. This isn’t good, but what most people forget that they have a choice. Eventually, couples realize that their behaviors are destroying the harmony and most will diffuse arguments or disagreements by giving in, just because they want their relationship to be peaceful and harmonious. We have told that self-care is one of the key components to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship or marriage. But, many men and women were maintaining harmony in their relationships for the sake of harmony. This is having a negative impact on their physical health and well-being, and it is keeping them away from experiencing healthy relationships. If you want to have a happy and a healthy relationship, it is important for you to take an honest look at how you really wanted to feel. Most people, often, don’t like to see who we really are beneath our outer persona, given that our partners always expect us to be nice all the time. When we build our identity and personality around it, it is hard for us to discard it or even know how to act or behave in new ways.

Creating healthy relationships are uncomfortable
If you want to experience a healthy relationship, you need to accept your true selves. It is okay to be angry or resentful towards your partners for something, but don’t withhold it. We understand you feel angry for yourself for not telling it to your girlfriend or wife because you wanted to avoid the conflict. So, acknowledging this truth. It will be uncomfortable, but it is required if you want to change your behavior. Healthy relationships require ongoing practice, and by expressing your true feelings, you give yourself and your partner the respect and space we all deserve, which will give us genuine harmony.


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