Every Happy Relationship Has These Ingredients!

It’s common to see couples who are having problems in their relationships asking, “What is the secret to a happy marriage?” There is no secret, to be honest, and there isn’t one just one thing that will keep us happily married. But, we all can agree, there is one thing will keep us glued together – laughter. If you look at long-term relationships, despite a plethora of issues, there is one thing is for in common: all have great shared sense of humor.

Many components need to come together to be and remain happily married and if work, commitment, and time can be combined with laughter, marriages or relationships for that matter,  do get better and better every year.

Nonetheless, focusing on these suggestions below where laughter can play a significant role to make your relationship better:

  1. Make Laughter Your Number One Priority

Every day, we do laugh about something, even at something that’s quite trivial. Often when discussing important issues such as money or work, we all tend to crack up a joke of some kind at the end. Even when we are sad, we still make a joke to lighten the situation to get back on with our lives. Laughing daily will prevent us from taking life too seriously and keeps our motivations high so we can have a positive outlook.

  1. Pay Attention To Your Partner’s Positive Qualities

Happy couples always focus on the positive qualities of their partners, while other couples all complain about their spouses. Appreciating to your spouse’s positive qualities and telling him or she will inspire your partner to do all the good things more, which will override the negative and annoying things in your relationship.

  1. All of Us Fight And Argue

Arguments are a part of relationships, but it’s how you disagree that matters the most. Try to keep your arguments respectful and kind, and remind yourself, that you don’t have to “win” the argument, put your partner down or be sarcastic to feel better about yourselves.

  1. Understand Your Partner

When you’re in a serious relationship, it’s okay if you don’t agree with your partner over certain things. Instead of having a big anger burst, imagine yourself in their shoes. Try to understand your girlfriend’s point of view and tell her that you appreciate them. Be empathetic. Don’t express your opinion, unless you’re asked to. Following this approach will resolve a lot of arguments on the spot as you’re immediately removing yourself out of the equation by agreeing with their understanding. Don’t hold grudges, forgive each other and move on.

  1. Compliment Your Significant Other

Even if might sound easy, but this is something many people struggle with. We see that most couples in serious relationships, spending the evening complaining about their partners and rarely saying anything good to them when they are together. Devote more time together with your partner every day, and you’ll see that you’re enjoying each other’s company more than ever. Try to change your language and compliment your boyfriend or girlfriend in front of others such as “She’s an amazing cook,” or “He helps me with the chores in my house.” This will have a positive effect on your partner, which will surprise you.

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