Ex Factor Guide Review (Our 2014 Update – Revised)

There are a number of “get your ex back” relationship guides on the market today, most of them geared toward women when recently went through a tumultuous break-up. These guides focus heavily on what should not be done, in order to eventually entice the ex to come roaring back, nearly begging to be back in the arms of the woman.

Although some of these guides have one or two unique tips for woman, the majority of the information can be easily categorized under the common sense heading, leaving much more to be desired.

I was intrigued, then, as I came across Brad Browning’s book, Ex Factor Guide as a relationship program focused on men utilizing tips and tricks to rescue a relationship with their ex girlfriend or wife.  Browing’s book is centered on what needs to be done to rebuild a relationship that went south, despite the reason and regardless of how recent the break-up may have been.

TheExFactorGuide Review

The Ex Factor Guide boasts as a simple but creative step by step system that allows men to understand how women’s minds work, and the reason behind why she may have left in the first place.  There is heavy emphasis placed on what the men should be doing, as opposed to what they should not do, along with detailed information on how to deal with the pain of a break-up.

Ex Factor Guide ReviewQuestions answered in the Ex Factor Guide:

What are attractive and unattractive traits?  Men who have recently gone through a break-up may be wondering if the source of her disdain was some part of his personality that he didn’t realize was less than attractive to her.  Browning goes into depth about what is truly attractive and unattractive for a woman, even after a break-up.

How and when should an ex be contact?  For both men and women, the question of whether or not to communicate with their ex is pressing, creating undue anxiety and stress as the answer is not always black or white.  Browning explains when, why, and how a man can reconnect with his ex through appropriate communication.

Will things be the same once we are dating again?  Browning’s simple answer is no, not hardly, but he speaks to the reasons why this is the case and how a man can ensure a woman understands that the second time around (or third or fourth) will be different than past experiences.

Browning addresses the intricacies of the break-up process, including the pain that can be associated with losing a partner, regardless of how serious the relationship was.  As a certified relationship counselor, Browning uniquely creates a task list for men to rekindle an old flame or gain back the ex they so desperately want in a way that is easy to follow and not filled with fluff.

Ex Factor Guide Review

What is the Ex Factor Guide About?

Ex Factor Guide ReviewThe majority of the Ex Factor Guide is centered on the “sneaky psychological techniques” Browning encourages men to implore to gain back control of the break-up and eventually regain their place in a committed relationship with their ex.

These techniques vary as far as when they should and can be effectively used, but there is a clear indication that if they are implemented correctly, the ex girlfriend or wife would have no choice but to return to the relationship, more engaged than before and ready and willing to make it work for the long-term.

In addition to the psychology behind his relationship guide, Browning is quick to provide real world examples of couples he has worked with in the past that implemented his program steps to successfully rebuild an otherwise broken relationship, and this creates a bond with the reader that not seen in many other relationship guides.

For instance, there is an entire section of the Ex Factor Guide that provides examples of “stock” text messages that can be sent from the man to his ex in an effort to prompt a response.  Bringing in information that is both accurate and meaningful to men in whatever scenario they may be in allows for the program to work effectively and quickly, so says Browning.

The Ex Factor Guide claims that the majority (over 90%) of relationship can be salvaged after a break-up, but work must be done to rearrange priorities as well as affect a mindset shift within men so that they are more capable of understanding why their ex left to begin with.

For instance, Browning states that a number of men are unable to fully comprehend the reasons behind the break-up if the woman initiated it.  There is a clear call to action in Browning’s book, making it quite evident that the man who desires to get his ex girlfriend or wife back must be willing and capable of pushing the right buttons.Ex Factor Guide Review

Who is the Ex Factor Guide For?

The Ex Factor Guide assures men that their specific situations are not all that unique, as most women, even if they are unable to clearly articulate why they make the decision to leave, have lost the degree of attraction they had at the beginning of the relationship.  Browning very clearly states that the man is at fault in this situation, not the woman – a refreshing perspective for some.

Men reading the book need to be aware that a great level of work will need to be done in order to implement Browning’s system, as easy as the steps may seem.  At the root of the process is the understanding that reaffirming the attraction a woman has to a man is the core of rekindling a relationship, no matter the circumstances.

Once Browning explains the importance of understanding how the break-up may have taken place, he intentionally moves his efforts to how to make the relationship last when the ex returns.Ex Factor Guide Review

What will you learn in the Ex Factor Guide?

Ex Factor Guide Review Beach Couple

First, he explains the importance of values and expectations, and having in depth discussions with the ex about topics that will make a difference in their relationship in a big way – moral values, whether or not children are desired, religious beliefs, if any, financial status and expectations as well as the potential to marry.

Each of these attributes, Browning states, are integral to ensure the relationship is on track for both parties.  If there is a difference in these values or expectations, it is best that both move in another direction, away from one another.

Also, Browning talks about how men can be overly jealous or needy in a relationship, further pushing women out the door.  He refers to this as possessive imprisonment, easily explained within the book as the negative act of obsessing over where she is when they are apart, who she is talking to, and if she is ultimately telling the truth when the man asks.

Although this may seem like common sense to some, to others it is difficult to see the boundaries here and understand how not to cross them.  The Ex Factor Guide speaks to the importance of understanding possessive imprisonment and how it could ruin the chances for another go at the relationship, even when everything else falls into place.

Each of the factors that Browning discusses within the book as he explains the Ex Factor Guide’s systematic process focuses heavily on self-improvement of the man, making it quite clear that if he was the best he could be, there would be no need for the woman to leave.  This is, at times, only evident after a break-up has occurred, but if the man is willing to follow the step that Browning discusses in the Ex Factor Guide, it is possible to improve and rebuild a relationship for the long-term.

Ex Factor Guide ReviewThe Ex Factor Guide Review Conclusion

No matter the intimate details of a specific break-up, the Ex Factor Guide presents a universal answer to men wondering what they did wrong and how it can be remedied for another shot at happiness with an ex girlfriend or wife.

The use of real world examples that are applicable in multiple situations, as well as Browning’s expertise as a relationship counselor only aid to the powerful impact the Ex Factor Guide can have for a man wishing to rekindle a relationship.  Whether the break-up is recent or years past, Browning is confident that his detailed step by step systematic process allows for a man to fully comprehend what happened to end the relationship, gain more insight into how the female mind works, and ultimately begin the relationship again, on different, and better, terms.Ex Factor Guide Review


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