Ex Recovery System Review – Updated 2014

Just because you have broken up with your ex, it does not mean that it is over! Ashley Kay’s revolutionary guide, The Ex Recovery System, explains why it isn’t over yet and lays down a series of 3 steps which will get your ex back. This system works so well that the guide is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are serious about getting your ex back, and building a relationship which is stronger than before, then this guide is for you.

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What is The Ex Recovery System?

Ex recovery System Review

The Ex Recovery System is a comprehensive guide to getting your ex back. It works whether you broke up with your ex yesterday or last year. It even works if your ex is already seeing someone else (and explains why you shouldn’t be worried if your ex is in a relationship already). The Ex Recovery System is broken down into 4 main sections. Within these sections, you get a plethora of valuable information and resources, including:

  • E-Books
  • Video tutorials
  • Quizzes and tests
  • Worksheets

The 3 Steps to Getting Your Ex Back

Ex recovery System Review

Yes, getting your ex back is really as easy as 3 steps! The problem is that most people don’t know what these steps are, or they are so emotional after their breakup that they make poor decisions which – instead of helping rebuild the relationship – actually push their ex further away. In her expert wisdom, Ashley Kay does a great job of breaking down the steps you need to take after your breakup to ensure you get your ex back.

I want to point out that these steps have nothing to do with begging, pleading, or tricking your ex back into a relationship with you. If done correctly, your ex will think it was his or her idea to get back together! That’s right. Even though you are in the one completely in control, your ex will be the one who asks (or pleads) to get back together!

Ashley Kay’s 3 Steps aren’t really big secrets, so I can lay them out here. But, sorry to break it to you: Knowing the 3 Steps isn’t going to be enough. You will need to buy the Ex Recovery System in order to properly enact these steps.

Watch The Ex Recovery System Video To Learn How To Get Your Ex Back

Step 1: Understand and Analyze

Save yourself the psychologist bill! Ashley Kay, who is a seasoned relationship coach and consultant, makes it easy to understand what went wrong with your relationship. Of course, your situation is unique. The beauty of the Ex Recovery System is that it has quizzes and tests which help you figure out the “why” of what went wrong in your unique relationship.

I found this section very valuable, and not just because it gets into the nitty gritty details of your relationship. Everyone should read this because Ashley Kay does such a good job of explaining what goes on in the male and female mind. You will almost feel guilty for getting this sort of in-depth knowledge!

Step 2: Getting Your Emotions in Order

Before you act out your plan for getting your ex back, you need to get your emotions in check. Otherwise, you will probably end up doing something stupid – like dredging up those old wounds when you should be focusing on moving forward.

One of the most important parts of this step is the “No Contact” or “Limited Contact” rule. You are not allowed to be in contact with your ex until your emotions are under control! Ashley even provides a quiz which will help you assess your emotional state so you know whether it is time to initiate Step 3.

There is also some really valuable information in this section about rebound dating, jealousy, and confidence-building strategies.

Step 3: The Plan

Here is where things get really juicy. Ashley Kay lays out the exact steps you need to take to get your ex back. The beauty of the step is that it is completely adaptable to your unique situation. She goes over the various aspects which need to be addressed in order to reestablish a connection with your ex, rekindle the passion and love you had for each other, lay hurts to rest, and start a new commitment. This step actually encompasses 2 complete chapters, which address things like:

  • When to make contact again
  • “Building up” to get your ex back
  • How to show your ex that you’ve changed
  • Dealing with your ex’s new relationship
  • How to get your ex to start the commitment again

Ashley Kay is really clear about the fact that getting your ex back is NOT the same as attracting someone new. To get your ex back, you’ve got to use the principles of re-attraction. One of the core ways to do this is to initiate change in order to capture your ex’s attention. Ashley will get into more details about that in the guide.

Watch The Ex Recovery System Video To Learn How To Get Your Ex Back

Who is Ashley Kay Anyway?

Ex recovery System Review

Before we go any further, it is probably worth noting who Ashley Kay is and why you’d want to take her advice. For starters, she is probably one of the best-known relationship advice consultants of our time. She got her start working with private clients giving one-on-one consultations. After realizing that most people were dealing with the same relationship problems, Ashley decided she wanted to help people on a broader scale. She went from individual consultations to creating online video tutorials. She also has authored numerous books and articles on dating topics, like how to tell if a guy likes you, how to approach women, and how to keep women happy. Of all her works though, she is most famous for the Ex Recovery System.

What I love about Ashley Kay is that she really gets inside the heads of men and women. Confused about the opposite sex? Ashley will clear things up for you! That means no more petty arguments because of miscommunications and no more wondering what he or she wants. Even though Ashley Kay is pretty foxy, you will notice that she is a “real” girl and her advice is for “real” people. You don’t have to have the body of Jenna Jameson, the charms of Brad Pitt, or the bankroll of Hugh Hefner to attract a sexy partner and build a solid relationship. Ashley makes it easy to showcase the best of yourself, keep your emotions under control, and give your partner everything he or she desires.

Watch The Ex Recovery System Video To Learn How To Get Your Ex Back

What I Like about the Ex Recovery System

The thing I like most about the Ex Recovery System is that it gives you a really simple yet incredibly effective strategy for getting your ex back. While I am not fresh out of a relationship myself, I have no doubt that this system works – and there is no shortage of people who have used the Ex Recovery System to testify to that. I love how Ashley Kay manages to take some really serious psychological concepts (relationships and our emotions about them are complex after all!) and break them down in a way that anyone can understand. Best of all, you will actually enjoy reading through the guide and the quizzes and tests are fun too. So, you don’t have to worry that you will feel like you are in relationship counseling or back in school as you go through the guide.

Here are some of the other key things that I liked about the Ex Recovery System:

  • Two versions of the guide available: for getting him or her back
  • PDF, audio, and video tutorials
  • Plenty of real-life scenarios and examples
  • Beautiful, professional design and layout
  • Great price
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Lots of bonuses included too!

Watch The Ex Recovery System Video To Learn How To Get Your Ex Back

What I Don’t Like about the Ex Recovery System

If you are looking for a quick scheme to get your ex back today (and there are plenty of them!), then this is NOT for you. Ashley Kay’s system is designed for people who genuinely feel they had a good thing going with their ex and want to build a relationship based on mutual respect and shared goals. So, before you buy the Ex Recovery System, you will want to ask yourself whether just want your ex back because your ego was shattered, because you are lonely, or because you are horny. If that’s the case, then maybe it is better for you to move on!

There is one part of the Ex Recovery system which I know a lot of people are going to be upset about: the “No Contact” rule. Ashley Kay makes it really clear that you’ve got to give your ex space (meaning no contact at all, except in some unique situations like if you have kids or still live together). This can be incredibly tough to do, especially if you find out that your ex is in a rebound relationship. But it is also the most important part of ensuring your emotions don’t get in the way. As I said above, this system is for people who are really serious about building relationships with their ex. So, if you don’t think you can cool off for even 1 month, then you probably aren’t that serious about a long-term relationship.

Watch The Ex Recovery System Video To Learn How To Get Your Ex Back

Should You Buy the Ex Recovery System?

Ex recovery System Review

Everybody makes mistakes in their relationships, but that doesn’t mean these mistakes have to destroy your relationship! If you are ready not just to get your ex back but also to build a stronger, better relationship with your ex, then this guide is for you!

I have no qualms recommending the Ex Recovery System because:

1)     The clear-cut system laid out by relationship expert Ashley Kay is sure to get your ex back and,

2)     Even if your relationship ultimately doesn’t work out, the guide teaches you skills that will help you build a good relationship with the right person, whenever you happen to meet him or her. The insights into how the male/female mind works alone make it worth buying the Ex Recovery System!

Since the Ex-Recovery System is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, you don’t have anything to lose by purchasing the guide. The guide normally costs $97, which I will admit is a bit pricy for an e-guide, even one as comprehensive as this. But right now you can pick up the guide for just $47, which is less than half the normal price. This is definitely a good deal! True, you might be able to find some of the same information online for free, but you’d have to filter through tons of garbage first – so it is also worth buying the guide because it saves you the time lost from reading through all the garbage in hope of finding a gem.

Watch The Ex Recovery System Video To Learn How To Get Your Ex Back

Final Thoughts on the Ex Recovery System

Thousands of people have already bought the his and her editions of the Ex Recovery System and the reviews and testimonials speak for themselves: this is one of the best relationship guides of the decade.   Even though it is on the really specific topic of getting your ex back, it also gives you a lot of other great relationship information – like the insights into the mind of the opposite sex. So, not only will you get your ex back, but you will be more likely to keep your ex.

There are a few other e-guides on getting your ex back which are also good (see our reviews of Text Your Ex Back and The Magic of Making Up), but Ashley Kay’s is probably my favorite. It uses a lot of the same psychological principles laid out in the other guides, but simplifies it. Plus, the video tutorials and quizzes are a really nice touch.

In short, if you are serious about getting your ex back to build a solid, healthy relationship (no matter how your relationship ended!), then I suggest you invest $47 into buying this guide. It is a small price to pay for getting that someone you love back into your life!

Watch The Ex Recovery System Video To Learn How To Get Your Ex Back

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