An Exclusive Relationship — What Do You Mean By It?

In short, an exclusive relationship is a monogamous relationship. In broader terms, an exclusive relationship is an agreement between two individuals who aren’t pursuing other partners romantically. Both people in an exclusive relationship must be committed to their partners and respect each other. Whether you're in an exclusive relationship or whatever stage your current relationship is now, it’s important to be committed, respectful and loyal to your partner. But once, you both agreed to make exclusive; it becomes even more necessary.

When Is The Right Time To Be Exclusive?

If you’re ready to make your relationship exclusive, go for it, but be really honest about it. Once you've done your relationship exclusive with your partner, don’t feel ashamed to talk about it. It’s not something you should have a conversation with your first date, and besides, we also advise you don’t bring the topic soon on the table. However, if you think you have found the perfect match and aren’t interested in meeting other people, then it’s not a bad idea to have a conversation about it. Normally, people have an exclusive relationship after been dating for a few weeks or months of getting to know somebody, but it depends on one’s personal preferences.

Why it’s Important to Have a Conversation about It

Most people tend to think that if someone asks for an exclusive relationship, he or she’s really pushy, but it reality they are just honest. Sharing your feelings and wants to someone who you think in your match isn’t pushy, but it’s, in fact, brave. Unless your partner has openly expressed how he or she feels about you, you shouldn’t predict what they are feeling or thinking about it. So, the right thing to do here is to ask simply. If you open up about your feelings and the other person doesn’t respond to it in a way you would like, then try to see it as a blessing for you. If they aren’t willing to commit to you now, then it’s safe that there is no future that you two will have a relationship in the future. So, it’s wise to move on.

Be Sure You Feel the Same Way

Once you’ve decided to make your relationship exclusive, then congrats! Now, the rest belongs to you on how to make their relationship loving and exciting. If you feel comfortable of the term boyfriend or girlfriend, then don’t use them. Heck, if you don’t want to call you relationship exclusive, that’s also allowed at this stage. The thing is as long as both you think to remain exclusive to each other, it’s all fair. Remember, you and your partner are in mutual agreement, so if for some matter, you don’t want to have an exclusive relationship or to think of breaking up, it’s important you be honest with your partner about it.

Whether you want to be in an exclusive relationship or want to have casual one, the best thing to do here is being honest and open about your true intentions. The main point here you don’t want to get hurt, and you don’t have any right to hurt somebody else.

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