The Experts Are In: 5 of the Most Common Dating Mistakes That People Make

No one said dating is easy. In fact, it can be one of the trickiest things we do in life. We all make mistakes when dating. We never know if it's too soon to call, or what we should say, etc. Making mistakes when it comes to things like this is totally normal, but these mistakes can take their toll on a new relationship. We've looked to the experts for some insight on mistakes, and we've put together five of the most common dating mistakes that people are making:

1. Stalking Them On Social Media

This is a mistake so many of us are making. When you meet someone new, the first thing you do is look them up on social media! Social media is a great way of getting some insight into who a person is and what they like. However, many of us become obsessive over our partner's social media. We watch every single thing they do and say. We analyze every photograph and look into anyone who comments on their page. This behavior becomes unhealthy and destructive in a new relationship. It makes us suspicious and jealous when there is likely no reason to be.

2. Assuming You Two Are Exclusive

This has been one of the most common dating mistakes for decades. You start seeing someone, but you never actually discuss whether the two of you are exclusive yet. Early on, you find out they're seeing other people, and you're angry because they cheated on you. …or did they? If you haven't explicitly decided to be in an exclusive relationship, you cannot expect the other person to not see other people. It's very common for us to get attached to someone quickly, but we can't expect that from them in return. It's totally normal for them to be seeing several people at once before deciding to be in a relationship with one of them.

3. Ghosting Someone

Only in recent years has this become one of the most common dating mistakes. Well, “ghosting” has always existed, it just hasn't been called by that name. If you aren't familiar with the term, “ghosting” is when you just stop communicating with someone with no explanation to them. You stop answering calls. You stop replying to texts. The other person is left wondering what they did wrong, because you never cared to explain. Ghosting someone is taking the easy way out of a situation you don't want to be in. It may be comfortable for you, but it's cruel and inconsiderate to the other person.

4. Talking About Your Ex Too Much

There's nothing that will send someone running away faster than if you talk about your ex all the time. It's okay to explain what happened in your previous relationships further down the road with a new partner, but when you've just started dating, it's a mistake. People who go on and on about their ex to a new partner just make it seem like they haven't moved on from their previous relationship. If you want to make a new relationship last, this is a huge mistake you need to avoid.

5. Obsessing Over How Often They Call/Text

This is one of the common dating mistakes that we're all guilty of. When we start seeing someone, we agonize over when they'll call us or text us. We obsess over how often they call, or how soon they call after a date. Then we fixate on when we should respond to them. Do we play hard to get and keep them waiting for a reply? Do we reply right away and risk looking desperate? Obsessing over how much or when we communicate with someone is so unhealthy and stressful, it ultimately leads to the demise of a new relationship.

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