Expressing Your Anger In The Wrong Way Will Push Him Away

It’s natural to get angry if something goes awry in your relationship, but showing it the wrong way can immediately wreck the intimacy in your relationship. Letting out your feelings without considering how your boyfriend will respond to it, will only push him away. And withholding your real emotions and showing off false feelings will also make him lose interest in you.

So, here’s what you should do, that will not only draw a guy closer to you, but you can say what you really want.

Withholding Anger Creates Distance
Our honesty depends on our self-esteem. If we say something or do something that doesn't relate or resonates with us or isn’t true about ourselves, then our self-esteem plummets. When we lose our confidence and self-esteem, we become less attractive. Men are naturally attracted to a woman who is genuine and honest about her feelings and has the confidence to be in love with herself of who she is. A confident and self-loving woman doesn’t put up with something that doesn’t feel good. As we bottle up our anger to the breaking point, we end up unleashing it on a man who he has nothing to do at, or we get angry about something that’s entirely different than what we’re mad about.

6 Steps That Will Change Everything
If you’re feeling angry, sad and hurt, let out your feelings in such a manner that will increase his attraction to you and changes everything that’s was happening that made us angry in the first place. Here are six steps that will help you do that.

Stop or interrupt whatever you’re thinking to do or say. You know this better as it hasn’t worked before.

1. Sit down and don’t go anywhere else, so your partner won’t find you.

2. Take a deep breath. Breathe in and breathe out. Do this for a few times. Feel the air flowing through your body and try to relax.

3. Tell the truth. Don’t say the word, “You,” as it makes him feel that you’re blaming him for your problems, which will make him defensive. Instead, tell him that you’ll feel sorry or disappointed or angry.

4. Never back down. It’s okay to feel afraid or vulnerable thinking that you’ve taken things a bit too far. You haven’t. If he apologizes, thank him. And don’t forget to tell him that you don’t like feeling bad or disappointed or angry.

5. Well, that’s all. It’s done. Listen to him what he wants to say, and don’t try to have a conversation about it. Your intention was to honor your feelings and emotions by communicating it to him.

6. Now do something quick that will make you happy. It can be anything from small to big like making you a cup of coffee or going for a walk in the park or beach. The main thing is that you’re taking care of yourself rather than relying on your boyfriend for it. It will also make you look even more attractive in his eyes.

So, the next time you get angry with your partner and unsure about how to handle it, try to follow the steps above. Once you do, you’ll feel so much better about yourself, feel more loved and desirable to your boyfriend, and increase the level of intimacy in your relationship.

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