Why Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Is Not A Good Choice?

A best friend is like your support system for life. You share everything with him/her, and their presence has become a constant need in your life. You might as well get into fights with them, but it all sorts out because obviously, they’re your best friend. Things, however, get a little complicated when feelings of love start to get into the friendship bond between a girl and a guy. This is very common because in such a friendship, one definitely falls for the other and that is how friendship starts to become a relationship. If it is you who has fallen for your best friend, then you should take a look at these points and try to move away from this situation:

#1 The judgment starts

Your best friend knows all about you. You were used to sharing every detail of your day and life in general with them. They know everything about you like all your embarrassing moments, your breakdowns, your sad moments, your secrets and desires. Now that love is in the equation, your best friend may not act like before, and he/she will probably get paranoid over whoever you meet from the opposite gender. The secrets that you once shared might backfire now that you’re in love.

#2 One of you will end up getting hurt

There is a very high chance that your friend doesn’t feel for you the same way as you do. Previously, when you needed them, they were always there without any questions asked. Now, when you finally open your feelings to them, you really don’t know how they will react. The chances are that they might agree or even say no. The worst that can happen is that they might even end the friendship.

#3 Being best friends doesn’t mean you’ll be the best couple

Friendships are easy and hassle free because there are no demands or expectations from it. The friendship is only about unconditional love and care. In a romantic relationship, things are different where you have to prove your love to the other person. Expectations will be there, and maybe you will not be able to fulfill them. When you were just best friends meeting them was like taking that time off from all the tensions, but now that you are in love it might become a full-time duty. You have to be careful about all that you say and that you do. You will see entirely different sides of each other, and it will be hurtful knowing that you were once best friends.

#4 No one to share your problems with

Your best friend, as we mentioned, was your support system. You would go to him/her whenever there was anything wrong going on in your life. What about now? Who are you going to share your couple issues with? You have now lost your greatest friend, and all you are left with is regret. Things could have been perfect the way they were, but getting into love ruined it even when it was not what you wanted.

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