Fashion and Romance: Does Someone’s Style Matter When It Comes To Dating?

fashion sense and dating

There are so many factors that matter when you're looking for a potential partner, but is clothing one of those things? You probably care about their looks, their religious beliefs, and their political affiliation, but what about their fashion sense? What happens when you really like someone but you hate the way they dress? We're discussing it below!

So, picture this: You meet a guy you really like. He's good-looking. He's smart. He's funny and kind. He seems to have it all…but he dresses awful. We're talking totally ridiculous clothes. We're talking, he's “pushing 30 but dresses like a 16-year-old” clothes. Do you still give him a chance?

We're saying…yes! We understand that sense of style may matter to you and obviously you want to be with someone who cares about how they present themselves, but you should still give this guy a chance. We think you should get to know him more and once you've been in a relationship with him for some time, you can talk to him nicely about the way he dresses. You can slowly, gradually help him to re-work his style so that it's more mature. Once he's dressing more mature, you just may have the perfect man!

On the other hand, when you give him a chance, you might find that style doesn't actually matter to you as much as you thought it did. Once you get to know him, you might not even be bothered by his style. In fact, you may find it an endearing personality quirk and not want to change it at all! Either way, does any of it really matter? Whether he dresses foolish or he's got the style of a high-fashion runway model, all that really matters is if you love one another.

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