Feline Frenzy: 3 Totally Legit Reasons To Date A Crazy Cat Lady

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When you think of a “Crazy Cat Lady,” you probably envision an old woman in a bathrobe surrounded by 30 cats. We all know that being a crazy cat lady is usually deemed an insult and these women have a pretty bad reputation. Well, as it turns out, there's nothing wrong with being a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady! You may think that all crazy cat ladies are destined to a lifetime of single-dom, but that's so not the case. The only reason these women end up single is because men aren't willing to give them a chance, right? That whole “crazy cat lady” reputation scares them away! It turns out there's nothing wrong with major feline fans, and we've got three totally legitimate reasons to date a crazy cat lady! Check them out below:

1. They're Compassionate

Anyone who loves animals has a high level of compassion, especially crazy cat ladies. You have to be really compassionate to open your home up to a bunch of felines. Most of the time, the cats that these women have were all strays or rescues. Bringing a bunch of wayward animals into your home and caring for them shows that she's a compassionate person, and who doesn't want to date someone that's compassionate?

2. They're Patient

If you have any experience with cats, you'll know that they can test your patience. They knock things off counters and shelves. They stay up all night, running from one end of the house to the other. As cute as they are, they can be a little annoying (if we're being honest…) So to be a crazy cat lady takes a lot of patience! Dating a patient person has many perks, especially if you yourself are a difficult person. You want someone who has the patience to deal with you and stand by you through struggles.

3. They're Genuine

There are few people more genuine than crazy cat ladies. Being a crazy cat lady comes with a lot of ridicule and shaming. It comes with a lot of mocking and belittling. Any woman is a self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady” is obviously not afraid of any of this. She's not afraid to be herself! She loves what she loves (cats, duh.) and she's not afraid to show it. This is a hard trait to come by, and it's perhaps the best reason you should totally date a crazy cat lady!

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