How To Find If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

In married life what can be more painful and devastating than discovering your partner cheating on you? In most cases, cheating takes place by exploiting the trust of a partner. There are cases when some people try to overlook their partner’s infidelity because acknowledging the truth is even more painful for them. If you suspect that your significant other is cheating on you, don’t confront him or her immediately without having any proof. It will make the situation worse and make it tough for you to discover the truth.

You can apply some tactics and practical methods to catch the infidelity of your partner. Some of these methods are efficient and proven. Here are some signs of a cheating boyfriend that you might be overlooking all these days.

1. This is the classic clue when you find strange hairs on his shirt or in the car, lipstick on his clothing or even spot a love bite in his neck.

2. The typical telltale signs when your partner is suddenly conscious about his appearance, which includes purchasing of a new wardrobe, having a facial more often or considering quick weight loss.

3. When your boyfriend without their usual accessories, like without the wedding ring he used to love or the jewelry you have gifted them and shows ridiculous excuses for it. They come home with the smell of unfamiliar cologne, though he has been using the same fragrance for years.

4. When he suddenly changes his usual routine of home and office, without any clear reason, they are often late from work, doing overtime or choosing the night shift which they used to dislike most.

5. When he looks indifferent and show a lack of interest in family affairs which is not usually their nature, they are often day dreaming and thoughtful.

6. When they show unusual love to you suddenly, treating you extremely nice for no reason, and buying you gifts.

7. When your boyfriend starts ignoring you and paying no heed to what you are saying and showing unusual anger without any clue

8. When they are suddenly encouraging you to go outside, make new friends and advising you to be more social.

9. When you find condoms in their car or purse, though they don’t use them in your bed.

10. When your partner acts uncomfortable around you and tries to avoid social events, family gathering or party with you.

11. When your boyfriend is taking exceptional care of their cell phones. They become over-protective of it and set new and complex lock patterns on their phones now and then.

12. When your partner is showing indifference to their children, lack of interest in their illness, test results, or spending less time with them than before.

13. When your boyfriend is reluctant to have sex, not enjoying it together or showing a lack of interest, showing lame excuses like, “I am not in a mood” or “I am exhausted”.

These signs are just a few indicators of your boyfriend or girlfriend who is probably cheating on you, but keep in mind that they are not absolutes. Whether you’re dating someone or in a relationship, knowing these signs in advance sure can come in handy!

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