Find out Why Complicated Women Are Very Attractive To Men

Do you think no man will date you because you're “too complicated”? Think again. There is a good reason why women are complicated. They need to filter out the needy, desperate and horny guys from the one man who can truly adore, care, appreciate and love her. Some guys refer this testing of women as “playing games” with them. But, the surprising thing is that she’s doing all of this unconsciously. When it comes to looking for a partner, women are always in a search for the “Mr. Perfect”, who will be committed and focused on her above everything else, will love and protect her, and be faithful and committed to her only.

Let’s talk about an example to put this into perspective. A couple is out on a movie date. It’s snowing, and they were late, and the movie already started to screen. They parked their cars in different spots of the parking lot, and after the movie, they both decided to head to a restaurant to continue their evening. When the guy realized that his girlfriend parked her car on opposite sides of the parking lot, he offers to walk her to her car. She hesitates and asks him not to walk her out. So, the guy just obliged and he hugs her and heads over to his car.

To be honest, this guy just flunked the test. This was, in fact, an opportunity to show if he's the kind of stand-up guy she's looking for, and what’s ironic is that she might not even realize it. A better response could have been if he told her that he’s happy to walk with her. Also, after picking her car up, she could give him a ride to his vehicle. And to sugarcoat it even further tell her that she needs someone to clean the snow off her car, and you can help her out.

This simple, yet smart gesture will not only make him appear as a gentleman, but he could have had an opportunity to enjoy physical deliciousness while walking with her arm in arm. This will unconsciously open the locks in her mind, and she will begin to think whether she’s ready to allow this man access her mind, body, and soul. A woman needs to feel that the man she’s seeing acknowledges her need to be desired, loved, adored and protected.

Men, who are evolved when it comes to matters of dating and relationships are capable of this, but the ones still doing their work aren't. Until a guy is capable of decoding these signs and successful in the tests, he doesn’t have the ability to create a space that will make a woman feel adored, loved, and desired, and he will never be able to locate the key. The key that will unlock the “locks” to her heart and body. A woman who settles for a man who is decent but fails these tests, she will be eventually be upset in her relationship, not for the reason that he doesn’t have what it takes to a good potential partner, but because he's not yet fully matured for such a commitment.

Only a woman with high standards can attract men who are willing to do the work and figure out how to make a connection and a lasting impression in a romantic relationship.

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