Find Out If Your Date Has Emotional Issues

Big or small, we all have problems. If you’re looking for a partner, you should find someone who doesn’t have serious emotional issues, rather that someone who has daily problems. I am not telling that individuals who have emotional problems make bad partners, but before you date them to make sure they have worked on their issues. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you should know the differences between people who have extreme emotional problems versus who have everyday issues.

1. You’ll see red flags within the first few weeks of dating

If someone has deep emotional issues, you’ll find them in the initial weeks of dating compared to someone with daily problems. At first, everyone tries to impress their new partners, so it can be hard for you to find out for deal breakers about your date. But, if you see them during the first weeks, then rest assured you’re dating someone who has long-term emotional problems.

2. Your friends and family spots your date’s bad behavior

We all have flaws. If you’re dating someone with a lot of issues jealousy, anger, getting defensive easily, attention seeker, you probably won’t think that it’s all bad. But, most of us don’t have serious emotional problems. If your close friends and family point something negative in your date, and your trust them, then it’s wise for you to take their advice as this person has emotional problems. Individuals who have severe emotional issues stand in the way of having a healthy relationship.

3. Your date’s negative feelings are strong and intense

It’s perfectly okay to get frustrated or angry when you’re dating someone new. But sometimes, when you’re on a date with a person, and if that’s person’s negative reaction is too strong and intense, then it’s not normal. Individuals, who have serious emotional issues typically snap, get angry or frustrated even with minor or insignificant things in a blink of an eye.

4. Your date doesn’t move on or get over after getting upset about petty issues quickly

There is no harm in getting angry or upset about small problems; that is if you can recover pretty soon, say within a few minutes or hours. But, if you get obsessed with it and get stuck in it, then we have a problem. If you date someone, who can’t recover from small issues quickly, then it’s an indication that your date is suffering from serious emotional problems.

5. Your instincts tell your date has serious emotional problems

Don’t doubt your instincts. If you wake up in the morning and recall all the depressing statements your date said to you or did things you didn’t like, then it’s your guts telling you your date has some serious emotional issues. If you find it harder to fall asleep, always thinking about all the upsetting conversation of your date, it’s your instincts sending you a message that this person is affecting your ability to relax and making you anxious.

Overall, if you want to have a lasting relationship, find someone who is confident, active and can deal with everyday problems quickly. If you happen to be on a date with a person who has serious emotional problems, then don’t get panicked, rude or freaked out. Instead, try your best to be empathetic and kind. Whether a person suffers from emotional or daily problems, being friendly and helpful is the best policy to follow.

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