How To Find Out If You Are Dating A Phony?

Have you ever come across someone who is so perfect that you think you’re both meant to be together forever? They fulfill all our requirements, and you almost ask yourself if it is too good to be true? Well if you really ever do feel like this then it probably is. It may seem perfect initially but soon after you will realize that it wasn’t a great deal. You need to know the following points, so you know if you’re dealing with a phony or liar:

#1 They will agree with everything you say

It is impossible for someone to match your routine, your likes and dislikes to every extent. When you say you like your eggs sunny side up, or you like to dip chips in mayo, every time they will only have one thing to say, and that will be, “me too.” This should give it away that they are probably lying about it. No one can be that similar that they match each and everything in your life. They are probably trying to give you that hint that you both have a lot in common, but you should know that they are only faking it.

#2 They will play smart by mentioning things that you did too

For instance, you said something to them about how you have always wanted to live in the hilly areas. Now, a few days later they act smart by bringing up the same topic and molding it into something like high ranges are their favorite destinations to visit. Since you don’t remember saying this to them, you feel like you two connect.. But, this is another trick so don’t fall for it.

#3 They lie about what they are doing, always

These people will always be lying and covering things that irritate you. If you have told them about a few traits that you don’t like in a person, then they made hide those traits in themselves. However, there may be a time when you catch them displaying those traits. When you catch them doing that stuff, don’t let it go and confront them immediately.

#4 They avoid talking about themselves, every time

They will always try dodging questions which relate to their personality and personal information. They will make sure that the subject of the talk never about them, and somehow they will change the topic to something entirely different. They will have their flirty ways to change the topic, and you have nothing to say but fall for their tactics.

#5 They contradict their previous statements

This is one thing about people who lie – they will agree with you about something one day and after a few days if you say you don’t like it then they will agree with you too. You will notice after some time that they really have no stance of their own. They will only agree to all that you have to say, and later on, it will get irritating.

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