Find Few Methods For Finding The Answer To How To Get Girl’s Phone Number

These days, dating, relationship and love is spread everywhere. In fact, everyone is involved in love games. But the fact is that not everyone wins this game due to many reasons, like shy nature, lack of communication etc. In this age of droids and Smartphones, the first step of any relationship is to getting the contact number of the partner. This guide is designed for those who are always asking the same question that how to get girl's phone number. Below you will find the answer of this question. There are numerous ways of getting girl’s contact number, few are given below.

Don’t ask her

Don’t astonish. Yes, never ask a girl directly for her number. Firstly, try to find out what she is doing. Make her comfortable in her own way. Most of the time, it has been seen that men directly ask a woman for her number that results in rejection. In real, women need time to understand and trust the guy. Offer her time to think about you.

Calculator trick of getting girl’s contact number

Calculator trick is one of the oldest tricks for how to get girl's phone number. Though, this trick is old fashioned, but effective and works in all cases. Most of the girls out there know about this trick. Since it is a long mathematic trick, therefore firstly you should learn about this before implementing it in real time. Mostly, this trick involves ten to twelve steps.

Tell her to give her Smartphone

If you don’t want to use calculator trick then simply ask a girl to give her mobile to you. Once you get her mobile, just message a text at your number. Great, you got her number. But remember that you do all this in her absence. Don’t let her know that you are texting yourself from her cell phone. This works best when you already know the girl.

Just ask, ‘what’s your number?’

No, don’t ask this question directly. Wait for the best time. This trick works best when you are chatting to any random girl. Start your conversation with regular talks and in the middle of the conversation, just say this question. If the random girl is interested in you then she will not deny you. Otherwise, you have to use another way for finding the answer of how to get girl's phone number.

Give your number

Yes, you can also give your phone number to the girl in which you are interested. If that girl is also interested in you, then she will definitely call or message you, otherwise forget her. If a girl takes your contact number then it means that she is interested in you. Giving your contact number directly to the girl also saves your energy, effort as well as time. If a girl refuses then show her that you are cool and have no problem.

Rules of asking girl’s contact number

There is no hard and fast rule of how to get girl's phone number. But there are few things to consider while asking a girl’s number. The first thing is that don’t manipulate her by playing dishonest games. Be direct and straightforward to your goal. In addition to this, don’t hurt a girl with your intentions.

Along with above mentioned tricks and ways, you can also use the same old-fashioned line, ‘let’s exchange the numbers’. This line is definitely too old but it is still effective in all situations. Most of the women out there feel friendlier and safer when they hear these words. In most of the cases, it has been seen that women replies to this question in a positive manner and use words like ‘sure’ or ‘sounds great’.

Once you get the number, now you have to learn that how to flirt with girls. Flirting is not something easy as you think. Flirting is both an art and science at the same time. Flirting with a girl needs lot of time and effort. Always remember that do not flirt with the girl you already know, like your classmate, colleague etc. Few flirting tips are given below-

  • Smile – smiling is the first step of flirting with a girl. Suppose that if you don’t know a girl by her name or occasion, but you want to pick up her. Then you can start flirting with her by using simple tactics like smiling etc. Along with this, start a conversation with her without any reason. You can start conversation by taking a general topic, like weather, venue etc.
  • Compliment – Yes, compliment her every now and then. Girls love when boys compliment them about makeup, dressing style, hair style, attitude etc. One more point to remember is that do not over-burden her from your compliments.
  • Don’t get serious – Hey, you are just dating casually. So, you do not need to be serious about her. If you think that your heart is filling with love type feelings then tell your partner about your feelings. If you start loving her then don’t flirt with her. Provide her respect and space so that she can trust and understand you.

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