Find The Answer Of Frequently Asked Question That How To Get A Girl Friend

Having a girlfriend is the dream of all but it comes with several responsibilities and relationship complexities. Apart from many difficulties, if you really want to get in a relationship then you are at right corner. Here you will find a complete guide on building relationship and other related issues. But before anything, you must have to know that hw to get a girl frend? Yes, getting a girlfriend is not simple as you think. It needs commitment, dedication, efforts along with stability. Below few steps are given which might help you in getting a girlfriend.

Step 1: Care and show it – Every girl loves when a boy cares about her. Take advantage of this thing. Not only care her, but also make her realize that you are the most caring person in the world. Take care of her in every manner, but don’t get sticky since a woman does not like sticky boys. There is a lot of difference in being caring and sticky.

Step 2: Don’t pretend like someone, be what you are – It’s a very important step for your asked question that hw to get a girl frend? Honesty is the base of any relationship therefore if you really want a girlfriend then you have to be honest. Leave your creepy goals aside and think about it. Honesty is the first thing which a girl looks into her boyfriend. Be genuine and what you are. Never try to mix things which are not present in real. In addition to this, if any girl wants to know something about you then answer it in real-time.

Step 3: Keep calm and relax – Why are you so nervous? It’s not your tech exam. You are just trying to make a girlfriend. So, keep calm and relaxed. In simple words, ‘be confident’. Be confident about yourself including your attitude, talking style, looks, appearance etc. Don’t lose hope; if you are not having self-esteem then you might lose this game.

Step 4: Take a girl on date – If you know a girl who considers you as a friend then you can take a chance to make her your girlfriend. For this, you need to take her on a date. Yes, on a date. Not only simple date, but it should be special. You can select any random place but be sure that place is not bursting with random crowd. Along with this, you can also place your first date in your home. Decorate the place with simple yet effective artifacts and balloons.

Step 5: try to impress her – After dating, the final phrase has come of your question that hw to get a girl frend. Now, the time has come to impress her. Always remember that girls only impress by simple tactics instead of money, body etc. So, try to impress her with your extraordinary dating skills. Make her mood light by telling her jokes. If possible, offer her to dance with you.

Tips to get a girl friend in high school

If you are in high-school and you also have the same question that hw to get a girl frend then you are at right path. The answer to your question is online dating. Yes, a dating website is the only place from where you can get a girlfriend of your age. Don’t want to get in relationship, no problem, because you can also experience casual dating at such websites. Along with this, online dating websites also offer interracial and other types of dating. While interracial dating, you get the chance to date with interracial partner.

Casual dating rules

If you are casual dating over online platform or offline then you must have to be aware of a few rules. These rules let you maintain relationship with your casual partner. Some of the rules to follow are as follows:

  • Rule #1: Let her do what she wants: Where and with whom you are going, why you don’t take my call, why you don’t reply my text etc. Don’t embarrass your casual partner by asking such ridiculous questions. Remember that she is not your girlfriend; you both are just dating casually. You both are not in relationship. Allow her some privacy and freedom. If you do so, she will also revert you with the same attitude.
  • Rule #2: Go, went gone: It’s another important rule to follow while casual dating. If girl is no more interested in you then let her go. Respect her decision. Don’t follow, text or call her. In this situation, you must need to control your emotions. Apply famous Romeo’s rule which is ‘Go, went gone’. Remember that, if one girl goes, another will definitely come.
  • Rule #3: Don’t get intimate, if she denies – if you date casually only for hook up then you are at wrong path since apart from sex, there are many things for a girl. If she says no to sex then don’t convince her. Stick with her decision.
  • Rule #4: don’t ask a girl to be your girlfriend: Hey, what are you doing man? You are dating casually and asking a girl to be your girlfriend. You are doing wrong with you along with her. Don’t get confused with your emotions, control them. Don’t amalgamate casual dating into formal dating. Keep your goal clear and precise.

Are you still sad and thinking that why you cant get a girlfriend. Then, you might be walking at wrong path. The time has come to change your love path. Make it possible by following simple steps which are given below-

  • Join clubs and parties so that you can get in touch with different women under a roof.
  • Transform your personality along with appearance, hair, hygiene and health.
  • If you are studying in college then try to find a girl in your college.
  • Join gyms and other recreation sessions so that you can get a girlfriend of your choice.

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