How To Find Out Whether You Are Enjoying Good Sex Or In Love?

Most couples at the beginning of their relationship are sort of on cruise control, and most don’t worry about the outcome too much. But, what happens after a couple of months when then honeymoon phase is over? Some couples look back at their relationships and start to wonder, “Is this love, or is it just sex?” It’s very easy for most men and women in new relationships to equate a mind-blowing sexual relationship with romance. But, it’s also simple to notice sign whether your wants more than sex than love in the relationship?

So how do you separate the two? Here are some signs to look out for:

1. If You Have Continuous Sex
It’s Nothing But Sex: Does your boyfriend always say he wants you all the time? Does he constantly keep calling you? If yes, then we can safely tell that he’s always trying to see you, but he’s only trying to see you because he wants to have sex with you. He has no long-term plans for you outside the bedroom, besides having a sexual relationship with you.

It’s Love: Is he asking you to accompany him to a concert, a museum, or visit a nice place out-of-town? If yes, then it indicates that he has a deeper interest in you, and wants to know more about you. He wants to do things with you shows that he’s making you a priority.

2. If He’s Passionate About Your Pleasure
It’s Nothing But Sex: Just because having sex with him makes you feel happy, doesn’t always mean that it’s a selfless act from him. Some people get turned on if they get someone all hot and amorous. Also, a smart guy knows that the hotter you get, the more likely you’re willing to have sex.

It’s Love: Rather than doing calculations on how often he goes down on you, find out whether he likes to cuddle with you. Men who truly love their women are very much into snuggling. If you see him cuddling with you and doesn’t want to get out of the bed after the deed is done, it means he loves you and his feelings towards you are genuine.

3. If He’s Making You Orgasm
It’s Nothing But Sex: It’s great to know that your lover can make orgasm, but if he’s been able to do that whenever you guys have, you need to rethink your relationship. You see the smartest guy in the bedroom will know that if you climax every time, the more you’ll want to meet them and have sex with them again.

It’s Love: Pleasing you sexually should be his priority, but if a guy genuinely loves you, he wants to see you happy every time and everywhere, not only in the bedroom. He does that by doing things for you, like picking up your dry cleaning without asking or buying the ice cream you love, etc.

4. If He Can’t Stop Himself From Kissing You
It’s Nothing But Sex: Let’s be honest, when you’re in a relationship, passionate kisses during sex are amazing, but if your boyfriend is only kissing you when you both are having sex, it’s time you check your relationship status. When things become hot and intense, guys only do things that will make them feel good. There isn’t anything left to do for them at this point other than pleasure.

It’s Love: If your partner is kissing just for the sake of kissing in such a way that both of you know that this intimate make out session won’t lead to sex, it means that he loves you. Things get even better when he’s holding your hand and kissing you in public. This ultimate PDA shows that your boyfriend isn’t at all shy to tell the world that you’re his significant other.

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