How To Find The Woman Of Your Dreams AKA Ms. Right!

Just get yourself out there, be the best you can be, and in no time, you’ll meet the woman of your dreams. Sound simple, right? Well, that’s what most folks say. But, the reality is much more complicated. The key here you need to make yourself attractive to attract potential partners. It can be done by making a list of what makes you special and unique, what you’ll bring in the relationship, and what do you want to see in your potential girlfriends.

Assess your past
Before you embark on a new relationship, it’s imperative that you take some off of your normal dating schedule, and use to evaluate your previous relationships. Ask yourself what went wrong and what worked in your relationships. It’s also advised that you ask your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend to give in their takes on the matter. Recall your past relationships, and determine in which relationships you felt the happiest, and which of your exes brought out the best in you.

You can’t meet Ms. Right until you love yourself
If you’ve think that you’ve no sense of stability of yourself, and have poor self-esteem, it better you address these issues first before you start a new relationship. Otherwise, the potential effects of being involved in a relationship in this situation can be detrimental. If this takes place, much of your happiness and self-worth will be derived from external sources, in this case, it’s the woman you’re dating. Keep in mind that real happiness and true self-esteem comes from within. Besides, spending time with your significant other, it’s essential that you figure out some activities or hobbies that interest you and like doing it. Use it to develop a new realm around your life. When you feel good and happy about what you do, naturally you feel good and happy about yourself. If you’ve reached this stage, we can say you’ve started looking for a relationship with a great foundation.

Determine what you want to see in Ms. Right
A healthy relationship consists of partners who are compatible with each other. Take some time to make a wish list of all the qualities, values and characteristics you would want to see in your girlfriend.
This list should include items you will not change your stance such as whether she wants to get married, have kids, is religious or is a nonsmoker. When dating, be persistent in asking yourself, if your life goals, values, views, personal beliefs, and interests are in alignment with your potential partners. You should never compromise these items in a right person, no matter what the circumstances are.

When you meet Ms. Right, hold her tight and don’t let her disappear.
Sitting in a corner, won’t help you find Ms. Right. You have to look for her. When you’ve done your due diligence, assessed your past, determined what your ideal girlfriend should have and shouldn’t have, and straightened your feelings and emotions and self-worth in place, you’re prepared to meet that special someone. Get out from your safe space or comfort zone, ask your friends or family to set you up with someone or update your online dating profile. Remember, it’s you, who have to make the first move in finding the woman of your dreams. You will find someone great and perfect to fall in love with, if you’re determined to have a good relationship and won’t compromise on the qualities, you would want your girlfriend to have.

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