Find Out Why Women Date Men Younger Than Them

Seemingly it appears that most women are biologically and culturally programmed in dating men who are equal or older in age. It’s common to see smart, confident women regularly dismissing younger men for being not ready for commitment or too immature even before dating them or getting to know them. Later they all state the lame excuse that there aren’t good guys out there to date. If women explore the notion of dating someone younger than them, it will widen the dating pool and could even change their lives for the better. But, it’s worth mentioning that it’s not for everyone.

Here are three questions most women ask themselves opting for dating younger men:

1. Have Failed Relationships Scratched My Life?
If you’re someone who has been scarred by a painful breakup recently, you’ll think that by being the elder spouse in your next relationship, you can have more control that you had in your previous relationships. As always, if you've been recently out of a relationship, we suggest that you take some time to heal before embarking on a new relationship. Remember, the right way to get over your ex is not by dating someone else. Having said that once you’re fully healed and ready, your new-found power will boost your self-esteem and confidence, that will put your past relationships blunders in the past and help you to meet the right person.

2. Is My Life Stuck In A Circle Lately?
A lot of women fret that if they dated someone considerably younger than them, there would be a generational gap which translates that both parties will have completely different interests and hobbies. But, surprisingly we think that this is, in fact, one of the amazing things about being involved with someone younger!

If your love life has been in a rut lately and in need of a refresh, then getting yourself out of your comfort zone and dating someone young will make you feel freeing and energetic. He’ll introduce you to new things and activities that you probably won’t have tried otherwise. He’ll also tag you along in doing things that will allow you to see him in a new way. However, the most important point here is when you’re dating someone younger; try to know if you have shared values and opinions. Often, shared values have little to do with your age and are based on common goals, dreams, and way of living.

3. Is My Increasing Age Is Making Me Feel Insecure And Depressed?
If you notice that you’re feeling more insecure as you grow older, and feeling depressed and taking you down in other aspects of your life, then a younger significant other can help you put an end to those feelings. If you think closely, you’ll realize that younger guys have passed their teenage years fantasizing about models and actresses older than them.

So, they’ve grown older romanticizing being with an older woman. And thus date someone or spend time with an attractive young man who thinks of you as a sexy asset brimming with experience and confidence.

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