First Relationship Advice For Guys To Make It A Lifelong Relationship

First relationship of all of you is always something mesmerizing in addition to unforgettable. But there are also several people whose first relationship was quite a dozy one, with a ton of dilemmas which finally resulted into breakup. If you are willing to get into a relationship for the first time, it is essential that you get tips from experts before starting to date girls. Once and for all, if you still haven’t entered your first relationship, here are some tips that will help you in making it an everlasting relationship. Your first relationship should also be memorable for you since it’s the time when you learn how to manage emotional things. It is much better to prepare yourself with several first relationship advice for guys. Few are given below-

Never forget your identity – it is something which every guy needs to focus since being in a relationship for first time; you start considering yourself as a boyfriend. You must need to be confident of yourself before entering in first time relationship with a girl. Along with this, always stay happy with the person you are as well as the options you select when you are unaccompanied. Never depend on another person to make you feel good.

Stay with your family or friends – It is a simple yet most important first relationship advice for guys to consider. Don’t ruin an amazing relationship with your friends or families for the sake of dating a girl. Your friends as well as family were there first. In addition to this, don’t ignore them since they are always around you if your first relationship with a girl fails. Before making any decision, you should think about them. Also, judge yourself by asking a question, whether you are at right path or not.

Have respect – before starting your first relationship, sketch boundaries for both you and your partner. Tell your partner to stick with those boundaries. Always respect your girl’s privacy and give her some space. Don’t treat her like your casual friends since you are now her soul mate for a lifetime.

Don’t forget other things– Yes, apart from roaming around your partner; you also have several other important things to do. You have few responsibilities towards your career, friends or families. So, do not forget everything else in your lifecycle just to spend time with your girlfriend.

Remember yourself – being in a first relationship doesn’t mean you lose all sense of self. Get time for your own friends as well as interests. On the same hand, realize your girlfriend needs to have her own hobbies as well as social lives. Always remember that a good relationship also needs some distance or privacy.

Don’t impose your own thoughts – it’s another important first relationship advice for guys since it has been seen that most of the guys start imposing their own thoughts, decisions and boundaries onto their girl. You are in first relationship, not in casual dating. Hence, behave like a gentleman. Don’t ever try to impose your own decisions and thoughts onto your first love. Every girl has the ability to take a decision therefore allow her to handle the situation. And once, if she has taken the decision about any random stuff, respect and compliment her decision.

Be honest – Since ‘honesty is the best policy’, therefore you should be always honest as well as loyal with your first love. Let her know all your deep secrets which will help her in boosting trust upon you.

Don’t disrespect your partner – While roaming with your partner, never stare at another woman. If you are staring at another woman, somewhere you are disrespecting your partner.

Spend time with each other – Since it’s your first relationship, so you need to spend more time with your partner. Try to know about her interest, hobbies and happenings. Do some random stuff together which will make you as well as your partner happy. You can go outside whether in a park or for a movie. Take her on a long drive or nearby restaurant. Do whatever you want for spending quality time with your girl. While roaming with your girl, keep her in touch by doing some random stuff like arranging a chair for her, opening car door, etc. Try to make every moment special with your partner.

Like above mentioned first relationship advice for guys, there are countless other advices such as be the best boyfriend around her, be good at sex, always keep her in touch, don’t convert arguments into fights, protect her, create unforgettable memories with your partner, realize her that you are happy with you, don’t cheat on her etc. Therefore in a nutshell, just be what you are, don’t try to manipulate yourself. Definitely, you might stay together as well as grow old with your first love, but if not, use your first relationship as a learning tool. Discover points like what went wrong or right? How could you have connected better? Learning such things from your first relationship definitely helps you to get a girlfriend for a lifetime.

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