Five Big Turn-Offs for Men While Dating

Despite the fact that things have changed over the years, most women still follow an old set of rules when it comes to dating men. These may have worked in our earlier generations, but many of these old dating rules no longer work while attracting men to have a healthy relationship. Some are, in fact, total turn-offs. Here are five major turn-offs for men while looking for ‘The One.' Read on to find more:

1. Expressing your feelings while being desperate. There is a big difference when it comes to open communication and being desperate. During the initial days of dating, it is okay for you looking forward to spending more of your time with your man and expressing your feelings without any moderation. But after a few dates, this kind of behavior might make appear as desperate, clingy, obsessive and overly dependent on your partner. It’s better not to rush and wait for some time before expressing your feelings in full force.

2. Downplaying your intelligence and personality. Often women were taught to be timid and reserved. Most women even think that expressing their views, opinions, and intelligence as unfeminine characteristics that would keep their potential partner at bay. Even though women have more rights than ever before, they still think to consider suppressing their real personalities to look cute, submissive and appealing to men. However, a good guy will seek to have a loving, long-term relationship with a woman who has her own opinions and views and with a strong and confident personality.

3. Making him jealous or envious. Openly flirting with other men or talking with your ex is intended to make your partner jealous or envious of you, so that he would love you more, will have an opposite effect on your relationship. This risky behavior isn’t only immature on your part, but it will also hurt his feelings. Keep in mind, if a man is interested in you, he doesn’t want to play games with you. So, if you’re thinking of inviting your ex to the dinner party to make your guy jealous, think again. Instead, focus all your energy towards finding out what made your instincts to come with such as insidious idea in the first place.

4. Being overly caring to him. There is nothing wrong to care for your partner, but whatever you do, don’t try to become his mother. It might have worked well in the old days, where girlfriends and wives had more functional roles to play. But it’s very displeasing and overbearing to men today. Don’t interfere and push your opinions when he’s trying to make a decision. He is an adult, not a kid.

5. Don’t play hard with him, instead interact with him frequently. Playing games and sending our hints or mixed signals don’t work in today’s relationships. While small challenges can sometimes be fun and exciting to men, too much of it can appear to be silly and immature and can be detrimental. It can make you less alluring to him.

Unlike women, men rely more on actions than words. If a man interested in a woman, he will flirt with her, make eye contact, take her to vacations, send her gifts and so on. Therefore, when a man realizes that your actions, gestures, and behaviors are desperate, clingy and overly caring, it will make you less appealing and attractive to him.

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