Five Signs You Have Found The Perfect Guy

If you’ve been dating for some time in a quest to find someone compatible with you, you’ve probably noticed that your dates have been getting better over time. They treat you better and more compassionate than your previous dates. But, if you look at the bigger picture, some signs indicate that your date is a real keeper. Here are the top five signs that you should look in a man if you want to be in a relationship for the long-term.

1. He is responsible for his time and duties

When you're in a new relationship being on time is important. It doesn’t have to be that your date has to be on time every time, but he should usually be on time. And in case, if he can’t make it he should notify you as soon as possible that he’ll be late. Timeliness is important because it shows that he respects your feelings, and don’t want you to be worried or guessing your whereabouts. Having a high sense of commitments is also important like honoring the time, but commitments are all about fulfilling obligations and doing what needs to be done, despite not wanting to do it.

2. He never lies to you about important things

People lie about significant things and less important things. If you’re looking for someone who never lies anytime, then be prepared to get disappointed. You won’t find anyone like that. The point it to be in love with someone who won’t tell lies to you about matters that mean a lot to you. He shouldn’t lie about something that could hurt your feelings or make you feel upset or anxious about something. If he gets away with a big lie, he will most likely do it again.

3. He is free from an impulsive personality

When a person has an impulsive nature, he will act on impulse, which includes making hasty and thoughtless decisions immediately that could result in undesired consequences. Guys who have impulsive personalities are more likely to be drug or substance abusers, anger issues, or unreliable. If you’re dating someone new, try to figure how he makes decisions. Is he hasty in making decisions that usually have bad outcomes or does he makes uninformed decisions? Dating impulsive guys can be one of the bad decisions in your life.

4. He doesn’t flirt with other when you’re with him

There is nothing wrong with checking other attractive men or women, but flirting with someone while your partner is in front of you, is pretty damn nasty and disrespectful. It is one of the ground rules of a relationship – you never flirt with someone when your partner or spouse is present with you. If you guy checks out other women or flirting with them, without respecting or acknowledging your presence, then you might rethink your relationship with this person.

5. He has never bashed, blamed or lost his temper on you

Does your guy loses his temper, blames you or lashes at you if something goes bad? If you see any of these behaviours at the early days of dating, then believe me that things will only get worse over time. Whenever things don’t happen as expected, a mature guy will focus on facing and solving the problem, instead of blaming someone else badly for it.

So there you have it and I hope you find these factors helpful to consider while looking for a man for a relationship.

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