Five Signs Your Relationship Might Be Making You Depressed

If you’re experiencing negative thoughts about yourself, feeling powerless and gloomy in your relationship, it is an indication that your relationship is making you depressed. If left unaddressed your depression can wreck havoc to your emotional state. So, it’s critical that you analyze your communication arrangement in your relationship and figure out if the relationship is the reason behind your depression.

Here are five cautionary signs that show that your relationship might be making you depressed.

1. You feel dominated and criticized. Depression can occur when you feel smaller and weaker than the person you’re communicating with. But, not all power gaps causes depression. For instance, employers need to be stronger than the employees for the relationship between the employer and the employee to work. In a romantic relationship, the more power is shared between the two partners, the healthier. Meanwhile, criticisms are let-downs in a relationship, but the feedback is appreciated. If you don’t like the dress she’s wearing, instead of criticizing her for it, being subtle and gentle telling her to change it will be much helpful. For example, tell her that your friends can get attracted to you if they see you in that dress, or hairstyle, etc.

2. Your partner tries to control you. Your partner always tells you what to do. He or she doesn’t value your views or opinions. With your partners, “it’s his or her or the highway.” Your spouse tells you what to wear, when and how many you can visit your family or friends, how to spend, when to go shopping and so forth. You feel demoralized because your partners always tell you what to do and not do, and nobody likes being told what to do. It makes you think that your partner is always right and no matter what you do, he or she never appreciates you. This kind of behavior is the perfect reason for depression and unhappiness to creep in into your relationship.

3. Your partner is depressed. Many men and women don’t know that depression is contagious. If one of the partners is sad and depressed, he or she views things in the negative. And that pessimistic view of your partner will also affect you emotionally.

4. Your partner is irritable and abusive. Anger is toxic energy. The person who is subjected to anger and abuse can become depressed. Anger is unpleasant and disturbing to watch. Abuse, meanwhile, hasn’t always needed to be physical. It can be emotional, the partner’s irritating and controlling attitude, verbally abusive behavior like calling bad names, hitting or throwing things, pushing, etc., all can classified as abuse. Any abusive behavior is incompatible in a loving relationship.

5. Your partner isn’t committed to doing his/her part. A loving relationship is like a cycle with two wheels. Both partners need to equally contribute and be committed to doing his or her part for the relationship to thrive and last. If a partner provides financially, the other partner should take care of the household. If a partner deliberately ignores not to do his or her part, it can provoke anger or irritation, which can make one or both of the partners depressed.

If you don’t want to be depressed in your relationship, then take notice of these signs. Communicate with your partner carefully and constructively. Criticism and complaints can make your partner depressed or fight back which is something you don’t want to have in your relationship.

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