Five Things You Shouldn’t Dismiss A Guy For A Date

We understand that a woman shouldn’t feel obligated to date every man that she happens to meet only for the fact she might be judged negatively for being single. When it comes to finding the perfect partner, we have our own list of behaviors we need to see in our partners, as well as deal breakers. Also, going to many bad dates can drain all of your positive energy, which is important if you want to connect with a man while dating. Some women go a little overboard in the rejection department and dismiss some really great guys just because he has no clothing sense or has a crappy job. We all know these are irrelevant to have happy, committed relationship.

So here is a list of five things you shouldn’t reject a guy for.

1. His Clothing Style

It’s very common find out that often women reject men whose clothing style wasn’t ‘chic’ or ‘dapper’ for them, despite some of these were highly successful and intelligent professionals. Many of us would like to tell these ladies that they’re making a big mistake; given the fact, these guys had no clue what they were wearing. We understand why women tend to behave like this given the fact, that women put a lot of effort into looking their best for their dates. But you shouldn’t be bothered by it. Most men will happily upgrade their wardrobe for the right woman. Heck, they will be more than happy if you take them shopping and bought them some nice clothes to wear. We admit there something in a person that can’t be changed, and clothing style for guys isn’t one of them. So, don’t reject a man just because she dresses poorly.

2. His Home Furnishing

Similar to a guys clothing style, most guys aren’t good when it comes to stylize or furnish their apartment or house that looks like a good hotel suite. Well, when you move in or marry him, he will allow you to furnish his place just the way you like. After all, it’s your home too.

3. His Lack Of Social Skills

Some guys just aren’t good when it comes to socializing. We aren’t talking about someone who is socially awkward in an uneasy or creepy way. We’re discussing someone who isn’t very social when you need him to be. Well, don’t reject him right away. If you get married to him, you’ll have to take the social lead, and he’ll follow you. Is that too much for you for a good man who loves you?

4. His Job

Being able to maintain a realistic and certain standard of living is necessary. Making a living and supporting a family is important too. How a man achieves, that isn’t your concern. Don’t judge or date a man on how he makes a living. Your goal is to find a guy who will be a caring, loving and a dedicated husband.

5. His Inability To Express Affection Verbally

Men show their love and affection to their partners through actions rather than words. We know you want your man to sing you a song about his undying love for you, but we think you would prefer to settle with a guy who will do the dishes, cook for you, take out the garbage, play with the kids and so on. Actions always speak better than words. So, date a doer, instead of a talker.

The bottom line is whether you’re thinking of getting back with your ex or looking for someone new, the goal of dating should lead it to healthy, loving marriage. So, the next time you dismiss someone, remember these five points and give your date a chance.

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