Five Types of Men Who Are Not Ready To Be Husbands

Most men have always relied on actions, while for women it is the words. So, when men speak to women in a cute and sweet way, women believe in them, even if they have questionable behavior. On the other hand, most guys notice how ladies behave and translate the action to mean of what want them to believe, regardless of whatever the ladies say.

The difference between behavior and words is so immense and in some circumstances so problematic that it could make or break a relationship or marriage. Here are five behaviors of men that show that they still aren’t ready for a wedding or even a relationship.

1. Some men always need help and make them ready for anything. These types of guys are fully fortified in their own insecurities. They only complain about their issues; yours are never on their list. What ironic is that they still need a woman by their sides, to make them feel worthy. So, they keep her and ask them to stay by their side, until they feel secure and ready. But, we all know very well, he won’t be ready anytime soon. So, he won't be a good husband.

2. Some guys always talk about marriage, but won’t go any further from it – I mean words. Since he knows pretty well women like to hear words, and don’t mind much about actions, he won’t dare to get married and make any plans with you. He knows that a woman likes to hear about, so exactly does that. He won’t take any further actions. There isn’t any time-frame for his actions, he never talks about any plans or actions, and whenever the topic comes up, he will try to avoid to have a conversation.

3. The ‘let’s have some fun first’ kind of guys. This kind of men sticks around for the sheer thrill of being in a relationship, and when the fun runs out, they look for someone else. He’s not interested in getting married, having kids, settling down or having a committed and monogamous relationship. All he wants to talk about is fun and sex. If you happen to be in a relationship with a man like this, and you have a discussion about long-term relationships or marriages, their mood changes, and the fun end. He will keep complaining to you that you’re spoiling the moment and if you don’t stop, he will eventually leave you for someone else.

4. The ‘always talking about the marriage’ guy. This guy will consistently speak of marriage that you like to hear. He knows well you always dream of getting married, and think about it. So, he listens to you talking about marriage in great details – where you want to get married, what kind of home you like to stay, what furniture you want to buy and so on. When a woman asks him what his dreams are, he will always reply in affirmative and won’t actually act on it. Ultimately, you’ll see that he’s all talk, no actions. He won’t be getting married soon.

5. The ‘stay with me’ guys. These guys always find a legitimate and good excuse that may seem acceptable to women. These men will say he can’t get married, start a family and settle down because he’s busy with work, career, trying to get healthy or lose weight and his parents are having problems. It doesn’t matter, what you ask him, he will have an excuse to stay away from a having a discussion regarding marriage. You should never have a relationship with this guy, let alone marry.

The bottom line is marriage is more like a relationship, but only this time there’s a lot of commitment and responsibilities. So, to all those guys who don’t have the confidence and dedication, and can’t please or make his woman happy physically and mentally, don’t get married.

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