Should You Fix or Nix A Rocky Relationship?

When you’ve just started a relationship, you don’t want to dwell on the negatives. You want to focus on the positives, promises, potential and new possibilities that a new relationship brings in your life. If you’re dating or in a relationship for a while, you know very well problems can arise at any moment. Some relationships manage to solve various issues and come out even stronger, while others get muddled up by differences and difficulties.

The question to ponder here is whether you should try mending your problem-plagued relationship, or just end it? To what extent should you invest your time and efforts fixing the problems? When should you just stop trying and dismiss the relationship for good? The key is here is to find the best possible solution for the relationship and put it into effect.

If your romantic relationship is rife with problems, ask yourself the following questions:

• Are problems in a relationship being created by major or minor ones? Some problems in the relationship are created because two people aren’t entirely familiar with each other and still haven’t figured out each other opinions, interests, temperament, and communication traits. However, most of these can be ironed out over time with time and experience. Incompatibility and contrasting beliefs also contribute to some problems in the relationship, and these issues aren’t easy to resolve.

• Does your partner value and validate your opinions? If you and your partner think that your ideas and views are being heard and respected by each other, you’ve already overcome any upcoming issues in your relationship. You don’t have to agree on everything you partner says, just try your best to listen and understand. Both partners should be open to express their perspectives, and all forms of communication must stay open. Otherwise, it will be a recipe for disaster.

• Do differences result in constructive conversations or heated disputes? Most couples prefer to resolve various disputes in their relationship in a sensible, amicable manner. While in some relationships, the differences between partners result in heated arguments and fights. It’s as one partner is always right, while the other one is always wrong. It’s like a contest, and if one person wins, the relationship ends.

• Do partners remain respectful to each other regardless the intensity of the problem? In a relationship, both partners have the right to express themselves, regardless if they’re right or wrong. No one is wrong simply because he or she has different views and opinions about a particular topic. Any problems in the relationship will resolve much faster if he or she respects and honors each other’s positions.

• Has the relationship reached its tipping point? You can’t keep fighting for a relationship that has little chance to succeed. Even if you’ve managed, but think that the relationship can revert to its previous position, then we can safely say that the relationship has reached its breaking point.

We live in a complex world. Humans are complicated, so are relationships. If you’ve been dating or being in a relationship for a while, problems are inevitable. So, we advise you look for a partner who can resolve various problems in relationships, in the most efficient, and effective ways.

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