Flirting Tips: 4 Easy Ways To Flirt With A Woman At A Bar

how to flirt

Flirting is often easier said than done. Flirting is especially difficult when you're at a public crowded place…like a bar. Bars are one of the most popular places to meet people, but also one of the hardest places to get to know people. If you're looking to meet a woman at a bar, you're going to need these four easy ways to flirt with a woman at a bar:

1. Make Eye Contact

If you want to flirt with a woman, the first step is getting her attention. The best way to get someone's attention is to make eye contact with them. Try to catch her gaze from across the bar and make sure you lock eyes with her for a few seconds to establish the fact that you are, in fact, looking at her. Don't stare too long, though! That can get creepy…

2. Say Something Funny

Once you've gotten her attention, you can approach her and begin your flirtation! The best way to flirt is to say something funny. If you can make her laugh, you'll win her over. Women love funny guys! An easy way to make her laugh is with a funny pickup line. If you're at a loss for a good pickup lines, check some out here.

3. Buy Her A Drink

One of the most popular easy ways to flirt at a bar is to buy someone a drink. Either send a drink to her via the bartender, or you can go right up to her and ask to buy her a drink. To make it even sweeter, offer to buy a round of drinks for her friends. This will show her you're kind (and you have a little money…)

4. Compliment Her

Compliments are always an easy way to flirt. Everyone appreciates a compliment! Just go up to her and compliment something about here. Her hair, her outfit, her eyes, her smile…anything! This is a nice and simple way to open up a conversation.

ways to flirt

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