INSANE: Floyd Mayweather Diet Plan Is Worth 1,000$

Floyd Mayweather doesn't need too much presentation because everyone knows him. On top of that, even though his performances in professional boxing are excellent, he is known also to be very eccentric and diet is one of the areas where he likes to be different. The undefeated boxer has a weakness for hot dogs, but this is not the plate for which he has to pay his chef 1,000$. Any athlete knows that the diet is extremely important influencing the way you perform. So Floyd is aware of that more than anyone else considering the amount that he is paying his personal chef for a dish.

Mayweather keeps the press and his fans updated on Instagram and so we had the chance to see how a 1,000$ oxtail plate looks like or a 1,000$ plate with avocado and baked eggs on it. On top of that, some of the dishes often present in Floyd's menu are chicken teriyaki,  fried turkey hot dogs or chicken alfredo. But there is also another secret that keeps Mayweather as undefeated champion so far. It is called Floyd Mayweather Supplements which have been created for the champion to help him burn the excess of fat and build lean muscles.

“I am following a high-proteic diet where you will find chicken, turkey, beef, and fish. I need lots of energy because my training sessions are very intense and I cannot keep the pace if I would eat only fruits and vegetables. This is why I have my personal chef who was hired to keep the proportion of meat and vegetables. He is using the best ingredients and I trust him a lot.”

Floyd Mayweather Diet



  • Oatmeal (1 cup)
  • 2 boiled eggs on wholemeal toast or: 4 scrambled eggs (2 yolks)
  • No fruit juices, coffee or tea is good/green tea even better

10:30 am snack

  • Ham/Tuna on crackers or grilled chicken/fish
  • Small serve rice or w/meal pasta

12:30 pm Lunch

  • 1 chicken breast/turkey breast or fish(tuna or chicken in a can)
  • 1/2 cup brown rice or have the chicken on wholemeal/tuna on crackers

2:30 pm snack

  • tuna or chicken

7:00 pm Dinner

  • Fish or chicken breast or steak


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