Floyd Mayweather Workout Routine that Keeps The Boxer in Incredible Shape

Floyd Mayweather trains like no one else putting all his passion and efforts into each and every training session. He is widely considered one of the greatest boxers around the world being able to win championships across five weight divisions. His performance started in 1996 when he won three national Golden Gloves and an Olympic bronze medal. His success continued in 1998 when he won his first championship as a super featherweight.

So far, Mayweather performances look like this: 27–0 (10 KOs) in world title fights, 23–0 (9 KOs) in lineal title fights, 24–0 (7 KOs) against former or current world titlists, 12–0 (3 KOs) against former or current lineal titles, and 2–0 (1 KO) against International Boxing Hall of Fame inductees. He enjoys being in the spotlight so he trains in front of 50-60 people. We took the advantage of being present and discovered his workout and other secrets. ““If I give my own gameplan, I’m giving the world my remedy on how I train”, he says.

On top of that, he uses also Floyd Mayweather Supplements which help him in two ways: burns fat extremely fast and builds his testosterone level.

Floyd Mayweather Workout Routine


Shadow boxing: Warms up the muscles for the more strenuous bag workout that lies ahead. Practicing it in front of a mirror can help perfect technique and practice both offensive and defensive exercises.

Spars between 7 and 12 rounds (depending on how he feels): works on all facets of boxing skill and technique.

Works the heavy bag for 20 or 30 minutes: Maximizes powerful punches and strikes.

Floor work: Builds up strength, specifically in the core. A strong core is essential in becoming a top boxer and athlete.

Pad work: Increases speed, coordination, and timing.

Bodysuit work: Body shots can throw the opponent off balance and knock the wind out of them.

Speed bag: one of the most effective ways to throw off the rhythm of an opponent.

Neck work with weights: A strong neck is key for durability and injury prevention from repeated strikes to the head.

200 sit-ups, pull-ups, dips, jump rope, double-end bag: A circuit routine like this helps boost muscular endurance and strength throughout the entire body.

5-8 mile run: A long-distance run works on those slow-twitch muscle fibers that are needed for proper endurance in the ring to go the distance.


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