Follow Will Smith Diet And You Will Not Recognize Your Body Anymore

Will Smith has been in great physical shape for pretty much his entire acting career. He has won his reputation from playing in action and comedy movies where he had excellent performances and looked all the time like those roles were created especially for him. But, there have been some roles where he was asked to be in a particularly great shape, meaning lean muscles. For example, for his roles in Ali, I Robot or I Am Legend, he was required to add muscle mass and get leaner. How did he do that? Everything is explained by his daily diet which helps him stay in a good shape and can be adjusted whenever he needs to add more muscles.

Will's diet focuses on lean sources of protein like chicken, turkey, and unprocessed foods that help increase his protein intake. In order to keep cravings down, he sometimes indulges in a small portion of something sweet after a run, but for the most part, Smith doesn't do “cheat” meals or days. On top of that, because he needs to build the muscles extremely fast, he is using Will Smith Supplements which help him lose the fat very fast and enhance the results of his workout.

“My secret to success is called total focus and dedication. This is how I always managed to transform my body so dramatically. My plan always succeeded not because I had any great tricks or special routines. In fact, my workout and diet plan is very classic and everyone could follow it. But because I stayed focus on my goal throughout the entire period, I managed to get these dramatic results.”

will smith diet



Meal 1:
Egg whites, oatmeal, orange juice.

Meal 2:
Almonds and nuts.

Meal 3:
Turkey or chicken with veggies and brown rice.

Meal 4:
Almonds and nuts.

Meal 5:
Grilled fish or chicken/turkey, brown rice, steamed vegetable, salad.


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