What Is Forcing People To Stay In Sad and Unhealthy Relationships?

If you’re someone who is in a miserable, unhealthy and unhappy marriage or relationship, you can’t but help but ask the same question over and over again, “Why am I in an in a sad and unhealthy relationship?” You keep hoping for a different answer, but you already know that you’re already in one. You can do everything you can to escape the harsh truth, but the reality is that you can’t. There is a reason why couples remain in sad and unhealthy relationships because they are filling a need. This need is so critical for them that they believe they won’t be able to fill this need somewhere else, so they settle for less than they deserve.

Many couples stay in an unhappy relationship for years because they think that they feel stuck and don’t have any choices. The truth is it is relatively straightforward and easy to rescue yourself from an unhealthy relationship, and it’s you who should take the first step. The relationship you’re in is the reflection of the one you’ve with yourself. If you have a sad, unhealthy relationship with yourself, it will be mirrored in the relationships you’ve with others. You mistreat yourself, so it is acceptable to you to receive the same behavior from others. If you’ve low self-esteem and confidence and don’t think you’re worthy or deserving of anything better, you let others walk all over you. You also accept people treat that way because you feel unlovable.

You can change it all and jump from an unhealthy relationship and into a healthy one, and it all starts with yourself.

  1. Start Believing That You Deserve The Best

When you were born, you didn’t need to do anything to be loved or feel loved. Nothing had changed when you grew up. You deserve love and worthy of love just because you are you. So, start treating yourself with respect and love you truly deserve now.

  1. Tell Yourself You Are Deserving

You are worthy of a happy and healthy relationship with yourself and people around you one that is based on love that is fulfilling and unconditional. You deserve kindness. So, consider practicing it with yourself now.

  1. Learn To Love Yourself – FirstIf you want to be in a healthy relationship but don’t love yourself enough, then you will never be able to do good things for someone you don’t like. Get rid of the unhealthy relationship you’ve with yourself by treating yourself the same way you behave with a stranger in need. Be nice to yourself and give yourself the gift of love and acceptance.
  1. Believe You Are Already Good Enough

If you think that you need to be better than you currently are to have all that you desire, stop thinking about it. You are already good enough. You don’t need to be any better or make any changes in yourself that would make you more perfect.

  1. Remember That You Are Human After All!

Stop relishing your past, and be in the present. If you want to have a happy and healthy relationship, be the best version of yourself and cherish the gifts you have and share them with the world.

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